RD2 '18: Demons vs Swans (W.Conf)

Jimmy "Libba" Excelby | 17.05.18

Clapham Demons 1.0.6 def by London Swans 1.3.9

The Women's Conference team came into Round 2 in some really tasty form after a strong performance a fortnight ago, but knew the Swans would come out firing and be looking to throw the kitchen sink at us.

The Demons started off strong, with a majority of the first quarter being played in the forward 50. The Swans did well to defend under pressure and kept the Demons goal-less, even after the dominating display from our midfielders in Macca and Steeley, especially with the amount of ball they were feeding into the forward 50. At the end of the first quarter, scores were locked at 0.0.0 – 0.0.0.

Simone started the second quarter with a dominant display in the ruck, and Connos and Meeks worked hard in defence and then rebounding working to move the ball up the ground on the wings. Our backline was under plenty of pressure, but Damo, Lisa E, USA Jules, Jules H and Juicey did extremely well to keep the Swans to only 1 behind.

The third quarter started with the same level of intensity from the Swans, and Tinni showed that she was more than up for the task of running with and tagging one of the Swans major ball users. Screech and Molly ran some strong leads from the forward line with Jizzy, TJ and Amy W working hard to get the ball down into the hotspot. Ellie P put her body on the line and ultimately came home with the goods. She got a sausage roll, and houli douli what a sausage roll it was. It was the kind of snag that people line up outside Bunnings for. With that goal it put the Demons up 1.0.6 – 0.0.1 at the final break.

The fourth quarter was much like the end of Gone Girl, it probably really wasn't what we were hoping for, especially after a tightly contested game. Our defence was once again under immense pressure and backline did well to keep the Swans to scoring 2 more behinds and a late goal, which ultimately secured the game. The Mighty Dees worked hard, but just couldn't match the quality of the Swans on the day. Some great individual performances but a good opportunity for us to have a look at where we need to be, and work hard at training to get there.

A massive thanks to those that came down early to help out at the Alex, as well as real big old thank you to G, Steve, Trucker, Noodles, Jonsey, Xav, Nicky-D, Goldy and Onora for helping set us last minute and lend a hand during the game.

A word from the captains:

Goldy: It's great to see the team really coming together at such an early stage of the season. Our defensive line worked so hard on the day and their efforts haven't gone unnoticed. We can take away what we've learned from this game to make us stronger for our next game and I've no doubt these shedees are up to the task.

Steeley: Special mention to Connos for always being in the right spot for a quick clearance from a contest on the ground and a huge high-five to all as everyone put their all in from start to finish. Let's make Swan stew next time!

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