RD2 '18: Demons vs Lions (W.Prem)

Mitch "Boxy" Skelly | 17.05.18

Wandsworth Demons 2.1.13 def North London Lions 1.4.10

After a comfortable win in round 1 things stepped up a notch against our old rivals, North London Lions, for round 2. It was a physical game of footy played in very slippery conditions, which made for some black and blue bodies on Sunday. Both teams gave as good as they got, which made for an entertaining game of footy despite the low score line.

The game had not even started when Zoro picked up a nasty finger injury ending her day, and 5 minutes in Prip lost a contact lense which put her out of action for the first half! With 2 of our most experienced defenders on the side lines it took the back line a little bit of time to recover, and allowed the Lions to score a goal and 4 points. The Lions had the bulk of the play in their forward line, however there were some chances to the Dee’s which we failed to capitalise on.

The 2nd quarter was the best of the game from She-Dees perspective, with Crofty and Sez dominant in the ruck, and B getting plenty of work done inside the packs, the ball was constantly in our forward half. Playing her first full game in the Premiership side Karis was everywhere, and kicked her first goal to get things going. Playing an absolute blinder across half forward, Sharky took a big grab and calmly slotted home the 2nd goal to put the Dee’s in front before half time.

The 3rd quarter was again very even, although the experience of Keatchy, and the clean hands of Trucker, made ensured the Lions were unable to impact the scoreboard. Jamie had a big job on the Lions key forward, and despite a tough first quarter, won that crucial battle over the course of 4 quarters. With a 2 point lead at 3/4 time there was no chance this game would not go down to the wire.

The final quarter was another tight affair, however predominantly played in our attacking half. The Lions had numbers back, which allowed Mad-Dog-Murphy and Tomb Raider to dominate at half back. It was desperate football, typified by Vicky Liv throwing what little she does weigh into every tackle like her life depended on it, and our wings Porta, Mel and JoDwyer playing disciplined footy to lock the ball forward. Whilst we only managed 1 behind it was enough to ensure the side remain unbeaten after 2 rounds.

This week we host the grand final replay against the Giants in what is likely to be another challenging game. With a steadily growing injury list it is important every player on the list steps up to ensure we maintain this undefeated run and hold onto top spot.

Goals - Karis, Sharky
Best Players - Sharky, Keatchy, B, Karis, Trucker, Crofty

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