RD3 '18: Demons vs Wildcats (Women's Conference)

Jimmy "Libba" Exelby | 30.05.18

Clapham Demons 1.3.9 def by West London Wildcats 5.6.30

Friday night footy at the Common. What a time to be alive! The Conference girls kicked off round 3 against the wildcats, and with Steeley and Goldy out of action, Jizzy and Macca stepped up to co-captain the team.

The Wildcats came out of the blocks faster than some of our club stalwarts commenting on an Aussies in London post, with the ball being fought hard at each contest. Our first half we had opportunities but unfortunately we couldn’t execute. Defensively the girls worked hard but it was reactive footy rather than controlling the game on our terms. Shout out to Meeks who had an absolute ripper of a first half both in attack and defence while playing in the midfield! 

We started the second half similar to the first. While we had opportunities, we didn’t quite execute when we needed to. Connos played a pivotal role in the 3rd and 4th quarters and not only helped feed the ball into the forward line, but shut down some of the major ball users from the wildcats.

The fourth quarter the Shedees played some real good looking footy! They worked as a team and were on the front foot the whole quarter! Jizzy carved up inside our 50 like she was behind the counter at Gizels and was rewarded with a real tasty sausage roll to get us back in the game. The Wildcats hit back soon after, and the siren went just as Screech and Ellie were chasing down a ball deep in the forward pocket.

Even though we got off to a slow start, by the 4th we were coming in hot with all guns blazing and we fought hard to the end. Unfortunately we didn't finish it off with a win, but the effort and determination of all the girls was 100% plus some more! It was unfortunate to get the loss, our second in 2 weeks, but it’s a good opportunity for us to regroup and get ready for the challenge ahead.  Round 4 against Putney, some Thursday night footy, no better opportunity to get down and have a red hot craic!

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