RD4 Cont. '18: Demons vs Hawks (Men's Social)

Mark "Bresci" Brescacin | 29.06.18

South London Demons 18.12.120 def Wimbledon Hawks 3.3.21

It was redemption day for the Super 3s. After a toothless display against the Lions it was important for a strong display against the Hawks. First change – old coach out, new coach in. Good start. The day got better for the supers. The Big Guy in the ruck was providing silver service to the mosquito fleet in the middle. A third Holland to represent the mighty Demons was everywhere, giving the forwards plenty of opportunity early. Jeremy ‘I’m not a real doctor’ Coombe got his big dukes out and was clunking everything in his vicinity and Casa was picking up possessions at will. This was a good first quarter. Unfortunately the team switched off for 2 minutes and the ever unreliable Stu ‘the ghost’ Fox let his 4 foot 2 opponent off the leash to steal a goal with 10 seconds remaining. The coach was livid.

The second quarter was an arm wrestle with the Hawks benefitting from our turnovers to kick a couple against the run of play. Although we were up by 4 goals at the half, we needed a huge third quarter. The boys delivered in spades. The inspired coaching move of The Ghost to half-forward paid handsome dividends – hitting the Janitor laces out and slotting a lovely goal from deep in the forward pocket. Hank, having finally run off three bottles of red from the night before, was running amok, taking dangles in the goal square and kicking sausage rolls when he felt like it. The trio of Terrence Unitt, Conor Conor Conor and Crispy repelled every Wimbledon offense. At three quarter time it was the Super 3s by 10 plus goals.

The fourth quarter was party time. In something that vaguely resembled the Harlem Globetrotters, El Presidente was given the opportunity to have a run in the midfield with his brother and wowwww weeeee did he turn it on. Starting on the wing, Castro took an easy chest mark and, like the great Phil Manassa in 1977, had 17 bounces before hitting Damo Holland laces out and a classy finish to end the day for the Hawks. My work here was done. A great response from the boys sees us eyeing off the top-of-the-table West London. Can't wait.

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