RD7.5 '18: Demons vs Magpies (Women's Conference)

Jenna "Steely" Steele | 05.07.18

Clapham Demons 2.4.16 def Putney Magpies 1.8.14

Saturday saw the awaited meet between The Demons and The Pies at their home ground as we needed the win to maintain our top spot on the ladder.

A rushed start to the game as the team assembled a little later than normal but with stand-in coach Onóra and only a couple of helpers we got it together in the end. There were some new additions to the team this week - to shake things up and a new player Steph Papa for her first game with the D's. We won the toss and I choose to kick up hill in into the wind, but the first quarter went off with a bang with a goal from G-Nat within the first 3 minutes! Perhaps a prior bet with Steve - who would shave her head if G-Nat scored 4 goals in this game was actually a possibility? The steaks were even higher now. Not long after our first goal Pants was hard on the ball in front of goals but was denied a goal this time round. Juicey was savage in the backline making clearances left, right and centre. Followed by a great mark by Beast plus Jo and Macca being strong on the ball in the centre we were shaping up to be a team to be reckoned with and the Pies were getting concerned although they secured a goal of their own late in the quarter. Come the second quarter, G-Banger and Juicey were still bagging all the clearances and the team came to grips with using the 'back door' when the ball was in contention and Alyssa got the ball clear from the pack assisted by Steeley to take it down to our goals. Although no more 'sausages' were present yet, Buckets and G-Nat did secure us a few behinds.

It was evident we were coming a little un done late in the half of the quarter and more chat was needed on the field. Half-time saw a hearty re-vamp as scores were level.

Third quarter was a nail-biting one for the crowd as Putney was dominating and peppering our backline but the backs held firm by Tester, Jurdy and Soobs and we were kicking into the sun. Thanks to great rucking by Junior and Nic and a continued solid backs we only let a few behinds through. Putney was on the rise with many long kicks and marks yet our backline kept their them goalless - yet all their points put them ahead of the race.

The remaining quarter had both teams fighting hard with only a 4 point lead held by Putney. The girls delivered a text-book end-to-end from Junior to G-Banger to G-Nat and finally to Buckets who marked and convert to a much awaited second goal for the team and putting us ahead by 2 points. With only minutes remaining tensions were high. There was almost another goal to be had by Buckets as she marked it 20 out from the posts but the ball 'was touched' and play continued and the ball left our forward line. Thankfully only moments later the game concluded - but only just after Ellie fell and injured her knee. It was a tough day at the office but the whole team really rallied together and made it such an monumental win.

Well done all for helping and to the girls, what a win!!

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