RD8 '18: Demons vs Wildcats (Women's Prem)

Mitch "Boxy" Skelly | 12.07.18

Wandsworth Demons 8.12.60 def West London Wildcats 0.0.0

The rainbows were out in force and the She-Dees were ready for Friday night footy on the Common! Unfortunately for our opponents they had a few troubles pulling a team together after a few dodgy chicken snags at their Thursday night BBQ, so the game was reduced to 17 per side. As well as celebrating pride round we also had 3 players from Birmingham Uni following our pre-season match way back in January, with Phoebe, Rea and Emily all welcome additions to the side.

The game was not a free flowing affair, with often large crowds of people surrounding the footy, however a goal to Spud and two to Noodles got the Demons off to a strong start. Springs looked dangerous, B was winning plenty of clearances and Trucker mopped up anything that made it anywhere near our defensive half.

The 2nd quarter was again scrappy, although were it not for some missed opportunities and desperate marks on the line things could have been different on the scoreboard. Springs kicked the only goal for the quarter, and still our backline was able to keep the Wildcats scoreless.

With some changes made at 3/4 time things picked up for the Dee's. Prip was a strong target and managed to kick one of the goals of the season, whilst Linda and Buckets also got on themselves on the board. Steve provided some great run off the half back line in one of her best games for the season, whilst Karis was in amongst everything and had her own cheer squad on the sidelines to let her know about it.

There were more changes for the final term, Becks moving forward with Noodles shifted to full-back. Some great play by Julz Hockey saw Guns take a ripper mark from her kick on the far wing, but the mark of the day went to Buckets who seemed to hold off a pack of 10 players to pull down a big clunk. We had our Birmy friends all lined up in the forward line and they looked threatening all quarter, however it was Buckets who was able to get the only goal of the term and finish off the match.

A solid performance, although we will need to be better when it comes to finals footy this year. One more game to go against the Hawks and a chance to finish a season with a percentage of over 1000%, something you'd not see often.

Goals: Buckets 2, Noodles 2, Spud, Springs, Prip, Linda

Best: Trucker, Springs, Becks, B, Buckets, Noodles

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