RD9 '18: Demons vs Putney (Women's Conference)

Jimmy "Libba" Exelby | 20.07.18

Clapham Demons 5.6.36 def Putney Magpies 0.1.1

The Women’s Conference team came into the game against Putney with a bit of momentum, especially after some real tasty footy over the last few rounds, but knew the conditions would be tough with the Common resembling a Day 3 pitch in Mumbai. 

The first quarter the Shedees had plenty of footy inside the forward 50, but with Putney flooding their back line, it was difficult to get the ball out of congestion and convert on the scoreboard. The few times that Putney rebounded out of their defensive 50, the midfield and backline ensured that the Putney forwards were continually under pressure and managed to move the ball back down to the Demons Forward 50.  At the end of the first quarter, both teams had not had an impact on the scoreboard. 

The girls came out firing in the second quarter, and were rewarded with a goal early on, with Jizzy launching the Sherrin from a distance and bouncing through for the Demons first major. Zoro played a pivotal role down back once again in the second quarter, and was quick to shut down any attacking efforts from the Putney forwards by clearing the ball out of the Demons Defensive 50. With the ball constantly being rebounded from 50 to 50, Junior, Macca and Steeley applied immense pressure from the defensive wall outside the Forward 50 winning plenty of footy getting the ball back into the SheDees Forwards, whilst Onora powered through the midfield and gave the Demons first use of the footy. 

Straight after halftime the SheDees came out hotter than the Northern Line during Peak Hour, and G-Nat channelled her inner Alfie Langer with a chip (no chase) over the top of Putney defence to pick up another tasty Snag for the Demons. This was followed up by sensational effort from Jizzy to carve some magic just outside the 50 and link up with Buckets lace out on a Jonathan Brown like lead from the goal square. It was the type of steaming lead that got people remembering the glory days of 01, 02 and 03. It was the real tasty stuff that people would have seen from the Mighty Brisbane Lions over the last 3 weeks (where they have won the last 3 on the trot - what a team). It was the type of stuff kids dream about when they play AusKick, and Buckets was cranking it out on the Common. We didn’t come away with a snag but it was real tasty to watch. The 3rd was oozing with the good stuff, and with Juicy finding herself free in the backline, she was asked to stay a kick behind the play.  With the scent of snags on the BBQ, Juicy went deep into the forward 50 grabbed a delicious mark to send it in for Buckets to finish. The 3rd quarter finished with Jessie (on debut) stepping with the flair of Quade Cooper and the strength of Pre-Gold Coast Suns Karmichael Hunt to evade all the Putney defenders to link up with Buckets again - unfortunately it was touched on the line.

The Fourth started with Buckets scoring another goal early in the fourth to take us home. Jessie once again took on half of Putney’s defence followed by another link up with Buckets, which resulted in another sausage roll. When Putney made the rare entry into their forward line it didn’t stay there for long, with the backline working tirelessly to win each contest and clear the ball out of the 50. Putney did manage to gain a point with one minute of play to go, which just highlights how hard the backline worked all game. 

While it was a comprehensive victory, Putney were competitive all game and challenged the SheDees across the park. While there were a number of individual achievements in the game, it was when we worked as a team, linked up with players, followed the kicks and handballs, put on shepherds and used the voice around the park where we played our best footy. Each and every one of the SheDees played their role and worked tirelessly to selflessly to put the team first. If we play like that again next week against the Swans, it will be a good contest. Until then, how bloody good are the Brisbane Lions!!! 

PS. Massive thanks to TJ, Trucker and Gatsey who ran messages and water, Goldy who helped run the bench, and Meeks who helped take key notes during the game. Beyoncé might have written a song about Girls running the world, but volunteers run this footy club!

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