Semi Final '18: Demons vs Roos (Men's Social)

Stu "Kettles" Fox | 03.08.18

South London Demons 6.5.41 def Reading Roos 3.6.24

With a massive advantage to take from a victory, playing a team who don’t have many aces up their sleeves and a squad brimming with confidence. This Saturday morning out in Chiswick, in the first Semi-Final against Reading Roos, presented a delightful opportunity for the Demons to cement their spot in the Socials 2018 Grand Final, to continue chasing the fairytale of four-in-a-row.

The First Quarter was one of solid offensive attack in conjunction with a lack of scoreboard pressure. The ball spent little time past the center for the Reading Roos, a persistent barrage of forward movement by the Demon’s midfield was tempered by Roos players falling into holes. Hank provided the first goal through traffic, snuffling a lovely bouncing sausage roll to lead the team into Quarter Time with a 1.3 to 0.2 lead.

As Stu Fox accepted the reins from coach Bubba, after the latter decided to attempt a marriage proposal during a trip to Tuscany, sadly Ray ‘The Big Rig’ Wright forgot the ring and had to postpone his question!!! Notwithstanding, Stu Fox with a mature and experienced head managed his players to produce a 3 goal quarter. As the Demon's kicked with the wind, the boys lifted and began to put numbers on the scoreboard. With Lach'n'key fiercely battling a literal giant, Bert Hoare bumping anything vertical and the likes of Mark ‘Grugg’ Brescacin and Ca$ha having outstanding contributions. The game was solidly put into a form of submission with the Roos not scoring a single point throughout the Second Quarter, Demons leading 4.5 to 0.2 at Half Time.

The Third Quarter was much more of a struggle, with a lack of attack and boys not running hard or defending, the Demon’s gave up two goals with the Roos controlling much of the third quarter. It wasn’t a great a great reflection of the lads, especially after the second term, but the proof was in the pudding. Nudge going down and structural misalignment was all the Roos needed to get onto the offensive. Third Quarter 5.5 to 2.4

The Final Quarter was an absolute arm wrestle, the first 10 minutes was in the hands of the Roos attack, Terry ‘I’m Married’ Unitt attempted his best impression of a Cossack Dancer and Crispy selling candy like Willy Wonka down the wing. The Demons managed to withstand the pressure and only offer up a single goal: The game was nicely tied up with a closing goal in the final minutes.

Best afield was Casha, Rob 'erroneous on all counts' Dills, ConorConorConor, Bert Hoare, Grugg, Lach’n’key, Crispy, Turtle and Nudge. Demons victors and Grand Finalists 6.5 vs 3.7

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