RD1 '19: Demons vs Lions (Conference)

Isaac Kirby | 16.05.19

Clapham Demons 10.6.66 def. Regents Park Lions 1.3.9

The sun was out, the larks were in full song and what was looking to be an almost perfect start to season 2019 for the conference boys soon hit a snag when 1/10th of the team didn’t turn up. However, continuing their strong off season form, the boys put in another commendable performance  - led by the evergreen Fintan McGrath, with Giffo and Royes in tow. Now back to the football. 

Even with a host of new faces playing together for the first time, the boys seemed to gel from the outset and created a bruce buffer the Lions couldn’t quite get back. Huss Dowler channelled his inner Darren Jarman and kicked the first three goals, setting the tone for the remainder of the game. The midfield had to work hard, gradually getting on top, with H, Milney, Duncan Antonio Banderas Gray working tirelessly through the middle and along the half forward line. 

It was also great to see the development of another one of the clubs ROW players in Barca continue to grow - testament to his commitment to learning and complete disregard for his safety. Well done mate.

Up forward Whitey managed to thread the needle three times finishing with 3.0 straight - an ominous sign for defenders across the league if his body can hold up to the rigour of London 2’s. But with Gazelle Rundell impressive at CHF, Darcy Looker best in 3’s, and Charlie Rae to return from his sabbatical, Whitey could be faced with a big dilemma - would a coach drop himself? 

Nudge & Macca both worked themselves in the game - particularly the last quarter. In a comical display, Macca slotted a goal from 45 and gave a pointed celebration to the fresh air and willow trees watching on. I’m sure they’ll remember it for years to come. 

Other than that, it was all smooth sailing, and with next week’s grand final rematch we need to be ready. This means turning up, not just on time, but the physical part of actually being there. Unless you’re Ki Currie’s headband - he can stay at home.

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