RD2 '19: Demons vs Magpies (Women's Conference)

Chris Jones | 19.05.19

Clapham Demons 0.0.0 def. by Putney Magpies 10.3.63

Round 2 we headed down to Wimbledon to face the Putney Magpies, who were coming off the back of a big win round 1.

With 4 or 5 of the girls being given a well earned go in the premiership team and some other changes we went in with plenty of debutants and first gamers for the Demons.

Across the day we faced a continued attack from the Pies outfit that had a game plan that they were confident in. Most definitely there were some good signs of some Improved match awareness for those playing there second game. Some really good individual efforts across the day with Butters working all day on ball, Laura and Anna doing excellent down back, Lauren in the ruck again was good all day and veterans Jizzy and Steeley not only playing well but offering good on ground guidance to the team.

With the attitude and eagerness the team keeps showing, a change in results is just around the counter for the team!

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