RD3.5 '19: Demons vs Hawks (Social)

Allister Skelly | 25.06.19

South London Demons 8.11.59 def. Wimbledon Hawks 4.3.27

Last weekend Super Threes Incorporated took on the bottom of the table Hawks at the home of football. Our coach and patron saint Eoin Kenny was absent for the weekend due to his notable charity work, however team captain Turtle Terry Unitt was back to take charge with my trusted consiglieri Matteo Casabueno and myself managing things on the sidelines. 

It was first place versus last but from the first bounce we knew this would be no walk in the common. Big Patty, playing his first game of Aussie Rules was putting up a good contest in the ruck, however the Hawks were getting first hands to the ball at the clearances. Sloppy football would be the theme of the day and the sloppiest rig of all, Mark “Grugg” Brescacin, was the one to capitalise, kicking two majors in the term. 

Going into the second with the lead it was again an ugly contest, despite some brief moments from a select few. Luffy and Pitto were both composed, whilst returning captain Turnover Terry Unitt was living up to his name by blasting the onion out on the full on multiple occasions. Darcy embarrassed himself with a badly shanked handball, missing an open team mate in the forward line, then only made it worse by faking an injury to hide the shame. Bresci added to the comedy of errors when he attempted to kick the ball with what I can only assume was some wet spaghetti attached to his leg where his foot should be. 

We went into halftime retaining our lead, however stand-in coach Terrible Terry was an unhappy Unitt and opted for a tough love approach during his address. His main points focused on “do as I say, not as I do” and “did somebody bring these boundary lines in?”.

The third quarter saw us slowly build on our lead with Jayden “Lips” Carter slotting home a couple. Darcy “Look at Me” Looker finally found some more of the spotlight, though once again for the wrong reasons, as his opponent stood on his head, dodged a couple low flying planes, surveyed the surrounding area for a safe place to land and came down with the footy in hand. Kudos Darcy though, as this was the closest he’s been to an opposition player all season. 

The final quarter featured some more average football and we came away winners, with a winning margin somewhere between 3 and 5 goals. Maths and concentration are not my strong suits. 

Best players(in no particular order): Patty, Luffy, Pitty, Brescy, Jaydeny, Xavy, Dannyy, the Hawk that took a screamer on Darcy and the poor kid given the task of finding all the footys Terry launched into next week.

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