RD8 '19: Demons vs Pirates (Social)

Eoin Kenny | 19.07.19

South London Demons 15.11.101 def. Portsmouth Pirates 2.1.13

Once upon a time, a group of unique individuals went on an adventure down to Mordor (Portsmouth) in search of the precious (4 points), they were called the Super 3s. Led by Gandalf the Grey (Terry Unitt) the Super 3s arrived in Portsmouth ready to go to battle for the 4 points. 

From the first bounce the super 3s really knew they were going to be in for a tough battle. The Pirates although lacking skills, did know how to hit a body or two, even if it was slightly late. 

Our ROWs Coran and Jaeger coupled with JD really got us off to a strong start booting some really good goals early on.

The second quarter came about and tempers started to flare as Dogga, Souv and Luffy started giving a bit back to them. A push and shove escalated and after the umpire had a word to both teams, it was full steam ahead for the Dee train as we piled on the goals in the second quarter.

Up by 9 goals at half time, the game was virtually over but the Super 3s kept plowing away. Cult hero and Gimli lookalike Clem was solid down back getting his man for multiple holding the balls. Solid as a rock.

I need to mention this but I have no doubts everyone will hear about it for the next year but Hoops marked 45 meters out, slight angle and decided instead of doing the team thing he’d back his Torpedo ability and have a go, boy oh boy what a torp it was, straight through the big sticks. Humble celebration too, pointing to his name on his shirt, yelling “remember the name”.

With the 4th quarter coming around and the game over, enter the second worst sculler at the club, operation Deagsy

Every forward entry went to Deagsy and his unselfish footballing was a sight to see, giving off a handball in the goalsquare only for the recipient of this unselfish act to completely butcher it. Even better is the fact that he was hobbling around on one leg, terrific effort mate, need to work on your beer sculling attempts though! 

So the super 3s came away with the precious and remained undefeated for the year and locked away the minor premiership. Well done boys, onto finals now! 

Quick shoutout to Numbers, Baz and Zazu for helping out and Cottons missus for taking snaps of Deagsy all day too. 

Best players: Luffy, Dogga, JD, Coran, Jaegar and Souv. 

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