Prelim Finals '19 - Demons v Lions (Women's Premiership)

Ed Hooper | 02.08.19

Wandsworth Demons 3.11.29 def West London Wildcats 0.0.0

Wandsworth Win While Wildcats Weep!

Saturday saw our girls take on the West London Wildcats for a prelim spot to get into the grand final. And boy did we seize it with two hands.

Coming off last weeks 1 goal loss to the Lions, we were keen to show our stuff and really put it to the Wildcats. The girls came out absolutely cylinders firing and rammed the ball into our forward 50 right from the get go, and that's where it stayed nearly the whole game.

The game became a tennis match in that we were kicking it in to forward line, but the Wildcats were turning it over rather well, either with an intercept mark or winning it on the ground with sheer numbers. Their game plan was flood, congest and tackle. To their credit, it made it incredibly difficult for our forwards to get space and take those all important forward 50 marks.

On the other side of the tennis court was our mids and backs, who built the walls of Jericho outside the 50, and snapped up every exiting kick the Wildcats made. It was Intercept City out there, with notable standouts being Jess Jones, Prip and especially Polly standing tall, marking it cleanly, contested or otherwise.

While we were pumping the ball into the 50 and dominated the match in our territory, we finished 3 goals 11. I realise now many of our entries were long bombs, and not lower kicks to targets. Again, the Wildcats were doing well to create packs, but our forwards were doing their best job to keep moving around and create options. It's been a real focus of the team the last few weeks, and I'm proud that they took it on board and kept it going, even in the face of ridiculous congestion.

My best players this week are those who held that wall so well. Up the top is Polly, who played easily her best game with I reckon nearly 20 marks in the match, most of them intercepts on the 50. Some of them were stellar contested mark where you couldn't see who actually marked it, until the rest of the pack fell away and Polly was left holding the ball in her hands.

Jess Jones was another who did a lot of good work on the 50, taking those marks I keeping banging on about, as well working around her teammates when we didnt take the clean mark to get the hands off and kick it back in. A other great game from her.

We'll be taking some massive momentum into the grand final rematch this weekend. A rematch of the semi, and rematch of last year. Epic game ahead, I can't wait to see the girls take it to the Lions.

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