Rd 1: Demons vs Emus (Social)

Tim "Donners" Donovan | 05.05.16

Demons 7.5 (47) def. Emus 2.6 (18)

The Super 3s first game of the season was never going to be easy. With a vastly new playing group to last year, it was almost inevitable that it would take some time for everyone to settle in, get to know each other (and in the case of the forgetful coach, learn everyone's names). Playing West London at their home ground was only ever going to make things even more difficult. We have an immense rivalry at the best of times, and with this being a grand final rematch, we were anticipating them to come out and hit us hard.

They didn't. But we sure hit them!

From the first whistle to the last, the mighty Demons 3rds were never in doubt. Playing like a side that has been together for years, our movement of the ball was excellent and our defence was especially strong, managing to keep our opponents at bay despite a hefty wind advantage.

For a first gamer, not only for the Demons, but for his first game in AFL ever, huge props to Irish Conor who snagged a goal with his first kick in AFL footy! After that he had the ball on a string for a lot of the game, and I think once he gets a couple of weeks training into him, my pockets may not be deep enough to bribe the 1s and 2s coaching staff to not elevate him up the ranks!

I thought our CHF/CHB duo of John Dillon and Posty were especially good. They both stood their ground, presented strong options and helped to command the play around them. On the ball our rotation of Nick, Scotty, Bevan & Fish settled into a winning combination reminiscent of the formidable WCE line up of Judd, Cousins and Kerr. Last but not least, our very own housing tenant Gatsey held down the back pocket like he was born to play there - displaying an agility and level of mobility that belies his 50 odd years.

Big thank you to Kev for giving up his time to umpire the match, and also to Brescy for holding my magnetic whiteboard! We ended up with a solid win and with a bye next week let's maintain that enthusiasm at training and go into round 3 with confidence. The 3s is always a dynamic team and we will no doubt lose some players moving up the ranks in the next few rounds, but we also have a fairly formidable level to still come back into the side over the coming weeks. If we can keep playing like we did in Round 1 we will be hard to stop. I'm going to call it early, I think we're in with a real chance here fellas...

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