Round 2 - Prem v Lions

Isaac Kirby | 16.07.21

The men's premier side took to Bounds Green for Round 2 after the incredibly tough loss to the Wildcats a fortnight earlier. Already facing an in-form Lions side, the challenge was only made harder when Coey and Bali Bike Bandit Barrie were struck down with Covid, Jay Medwin missed with nervousness, and Charlie Rae and Atko's bodies succumbed to old man injuries. An incredibly disappointing result for Charlie after another mammoth pre-season.

The boys were on the back foot from the get-go, with the Lion's midfield getting on top early and putting away several brilliant early goals. A marvellous feat when you consider it was like playing on a rugged mountain covered in divots and an overhanging willow tree. The lions ran away to an early lead, which was growing quicker than Worm's confidence after a few sherbets.

The midfield boys, led by Walks, Zach Ballard in his first game, and Tim Wilton on the wing, battled all day, but sloppy forward entries meant any chance of a momentum shift was soon quashed.

With myself standing at full back most of the day, I struggled to get an eye-witness account, but as the third quarter progressed, the game seemed to develop into something that resembled a wrestling match rather than a friendly game of London footy.

The last quarter started as we'd hoped, with the boys playing well across all three lines – the forwards got on top thanks to Corso (and a celebration like he was playing in front of a packed MCG) and Johnny Harvey; while the midfield finally started to get the better of the Lions' meaning the pressure was lifted off the boys in defence.

With the boys now sitting at 2 & 0, the only way to keep the season alive is to win the last two games. Hopefully, we getting close to an entire side against the Cat's in two weeks as the current results don't reflect the closeness and talent of the squad.

A big sayonara goes to club legend and 1 game veteran Matt Pyers, who flew back to Australia after last week's game. You'll be missed mate. Hopefully you never forget your one game in the red and blue.

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