Round 3 - SheDees v Cats

David Jordan | 23.07.21

Match Report - Dees 4.3.27-3.6.24 Cats (TBC)

A game of two halves for the SheDees on Saturday, with a wondrous first two quarters of clean, flowing football followed by an absolute arm-wrestle in the second two; the Dees fighting hard to prevail by 3 points (allegedly).

The midfield were lively from the off, getting the best of the early exchanges thanks to Pip's hitout wins and some excellent roving from Longy, Nools and Chloe. Meanwhile, Amber, Kelsy and Scod were presenting as well as they had the previous week and getting plenty of inside 50s, and Sam, Gnat and Cayne were getting to the contest and making their presence felt with some excellent forward pressure. After a few early sighters at goal, the midfield wall held the Cats inside their 50 for most of the first quarter before Cayne kicked a magnificent snap off the right boot to get the first goal of the game. Almost immediately from the centre bounce, the Dees then went right up the field again with Cass taking a mark inside the goal square and booting the resulting kick straight through the big sticks to create a 12 point lead.

Much of the second quarter was a carbon copy of the first; the midfield winning the taps, and immediately hitting our wings Rogle and Calam (and replacement wings Bridie and Katie 180) in space. The Cats couldn't live with our spread and we remained camped in our forward 50, Kelsy hitting another great goal after taking a big mark near the goalsquare, and that woman Cayne grabbing another from open play, this time a ‘soccer' off the ground. 4.2.27 played 0.3.3 at half-time.

After the break however, the Cats woke from their slumber. The next goal was always going to be crucial in determining whether the Dees were going to run away with it, but unfortunately the Cats breached our backline for the first time this season in the opening five minutes of the third. An arm-wrestle broke out; the Cats stifling our earlier creativity, winning hitouts and locking the ball in our defensive 50. Our backline came to the fore; Bek and Prip spoiling exceptionally well, and Nat, Aish, Taylah and Rum playing hard 1 on 1 defence. However, the pressure told and we conceded a second just before the end of the second and the Cats were now less than two scores down.

In the end, the grit and determination shown by the whole team but particularly the midfield (who killed themselves in the heat, especially with regular midfielder Hux an enforced absence) shone through. Despite continued pressure all quarter, the backline held firm to concede just one more goal and see the win home. The Dees still managed to showcase the kind of football they were capable of in the 4th though. One of my favourite passages of play saw the team go coast to coast; Gnat picking the ball up inside 50, hitting Scod with the handball, who skipped past two defenders and booted it upfield to Sam (ably assisted by Amber who drew about 3 defenders away) who then hit Kelsy inside 50 on the run. She couldn't quite finish it off under pressure, but jeez it was a good watch and showcased the unbelievable talent in our team.

League shenanigans aside (the result remains TBC as of Thursday morning due to some goal umpire inconsistencies), the game was an excellent opportunity to put a marker on our likely GF opponents and the girls took it. An incredible effort to grind out the win, and if we can play our style of footy come GF day, I have no doubt about the potential our ladies possess.

Cayne 2
Kelsy 1
Cass 1

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