Shedee 2s - Always Count Your Players...

Edward Hooper | 29.07.21

Woweeee, what. a. game.

An incredible technical win to the Shedee2! Going into it, the team hadn't posted a win this season, and needed to get this W to equalise the ledger with Wildcats and stay a chance for the GF.

A strong team marched out to Chiswick, on a new pitch for the Wildcats, with barely a metre between 50m arcs and centre square. The first quarter was played in our half, bandied about the 50m line. We were dominant early, finding players outside to get it forward.

2nd quarter came the first goal of the game to us, courtesy of Kate Scodellaro kicking long from around 50m and bouncing it through for a major. The wildcats woke up a bit, and managed to get the ball down their end of the ground but we held on to keep them to 1 behind.

Here's where it gets crazy. 3rd quarter the Wildcats were hot out the gates and playing well, managing to keep it in the forward half, and scoring their first goal of the match. But 1 wildcat player was always free, and her mark couldn't be found on the pitch. Team manager Rowhen made a head count, and swore they had 19 on the field. I stole a prems player as a runner, and alerted the umpire I wanted a team count. He stopped time, counted and we bloody win it, confirming they had 19 on the field at the time. They lost all their points that quarter, a solitary but important goal, to be back to 1 point.

Huge credit to the Back 6 for alerting the bench to the spare player. My favourite coaching cue is it takes no skill to mark up and use your voice. They did both, trying to find the spare and communicating around the ground that they couldn't.

In the final quarter, the Wildcats managed to score another goal, but still were down by 2. It bounced around their forward 50m in the final two minutes, but we held atrong, used the boundary, and held the lead at the final siren.

Best players for the day were Scod for kicking the goal and providing several entries; Jess Hux for playing an inside mid depsite her size and running away with it; Booney for being ever dependable as a fullback and halting their efforts; Brittany as well for doing the same across the halfback line, spoiling and intercepting their forays into the forward.

But my best on is Megam Corcoran, who made her debut in the middle today, on the ball and absolutely crushed it. Didn't look out of place, used her kick to get some clearances, and made some great tackles to apply pressure and affect their disposals. A great effort for a first year player.

Final score Wildcats 1.1.7 - Demons 1.3.9

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