Round 4 – SheeDees V Hawks

Bec Foster | 29.07.21

DEES 11.11.77 – HAWKS 0.1.1

Another absolute clinic put on by the Sheedees Premiership team on the weekend to see them take the big W over the Wimbledon Hawks with their highest scoring win for the season at 77-1.

It was an early day on the common for the Sheedees as the Prems side arrived to the ground by 7:30am to set up for the day and get ready for activations, strapping and warm-ups - Prip and Longy leading the charge of the tried and true timetable that skipper Nools arranges each week. In the skippers absence, the VC's inspired the prems side, revving the girls up for what was bound to be one of the most satisfying games to date in terms of team cohesion and smooth transitions throughout the match - Prips enthusiasm can still be heard reverberating off the common to this day. Even Coach DJ could hear the whispered shrills from his iso den.

The first quarter set the tone for the match with Prip winning the ruck contests, supported by the relentless efforts of the midfield with Longy and Chloe Hall working like a well-oiled machine to get the pill out of congestion and hitting the targets in the front line. With the forwards and the mids working hard to secure the game, Cayne Schooley's efforts to run the Hawks ragged would put Usain Bolt to shame as the Sheedees locked the ball in the forward 50, giving the forwards the opportunities that they would need to snag some points through the big sticks. An epic mark from Dyer dominating at CHF saw Bonnie ‘Buckets' Johnson snag what would be the first of many for the Dees - and for her own count for the season.

In the following quarters, the Demons hit the ground running - the girls perfectly executing scenes from previous trainings with set plays coming to life in real time. In the times the Hawks did make it past the half way line on the sacred ground, the demonic energy was too much for them to handle - Lic attacking the ball with unmatched ferocity and Aileen's clearances that screamed ‘get that OUTTA here'. There's more than the luck of the Irish in that boot – that's gotta be pure talent. From Aileen to Lic, Lic to Chloe, Chloe to Sam, Sam to Taylah - Cayne picked up the crumbs and the Sheedees scored yet another goal. At this point in the game, the pure clinical and precise movements from the girls was recognised by the Hawks and they had no choice but to try to keep up with the unbelievable fitness of the Demons that stemmed from pre-season.

Again and again, the Sheedees powered forward, unapologetic for the time and effort that has gone into training and fitness to welcome the season back and form a team that is arguably one of the best London has seen to date. As the backline set up the wall, the Hawks could not get through the defences of Bek Kaine whose clearances and shepherds continued to drive the ball to the forwards. Longy there to collect the ball EVERY.SINGLE.TIME with Jess Calam and Katie 180 by her side proved to be one of the most efficient team structures to gain and keep possession. The likes of Sam in the forward pocket proved a genius move once again as she timed it perfectly to kick an unbelievable goal on the bounce. Although there were stand out goals, the team could not be faulted as every member of the team executed their role with determination and grit that can only be coined as pure Sheedee footy. The women's side played true to the club spirit and came off with the win they deserved - there would be no question or doubt about the win this week.

The fourth round for the Prems sent a message to the Hawks and the rest of the clubs in London - the Demons are a force to be reckoned with, and they will not give in or rest until they are seen and heard.

A special mention and thank you to Danny Radis for running the interchange and being an absolute legend in the absence of DJ.

Goal Scorers:
Bonnie Johnson: 5
Amy Long: 2
Kelsy Dyer: 1
Anita Ganju: 1
Samantha Wilkins: 1
Cayne Schooley: 1
Amber Schmidt: 1

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