Magoos v Hawks

Jimmy Exelby | 30.07.21

The conference boys were the last of the 3 games on the Common and weren't we in for a treat!

With Danny Radis coaching and Libba running messages, scenes early on could easily be mistaken for Australia's vaccine rollout, but unlike ScoMo, the boys sorted their shit out and got those rotations firing and boy, weren't the lads on the bench chomping at the bit to inject themselves into the game.

The first quarter was a nothing the write about, so I'm not going to write about it. Highlight was easily the spray that Xav let rip at quarter time.

The spray must have worked as the second quarter was much better viewing - a bit of brouhaha and some push and shove after some questionable hits from the some of the Hawks forwards, but Super 3s legend Terry Unitt wasn't having a bar of it. Some silky smooth rebounds from the half back flank and some gut running through the middle gave the Dee's some momentum. Hearts stopped when Costello, after an absolute beauty of a half (and a real tasty snag), went down clutching his shoulder - most likely from carrying the team.

Third Quarter was just as tight, with Frysey and Seb often handing the midfielders the ball on a silver platter from their time in the Ruck, and Al Skell played a Karmichael Hunt-esk utility role and delivered the goods. A few more snags and a bit of chirp from the Hawks boys, it came down to the final quarter.

Like the Great Cathy Freeman's iconic run in the Sydney Olympics, you just couldn't write this stuff. Win the game (or race) in front of the home crowd, and you become sporting legends (or in this case, you're in the big dance). Big Finn's first game was an absolute pearler, and he delivered the good stuff once again in the Forth Quarter. He shut down his man like they were Debenhams on the High Street, and more gut running from Brisbane's Finest Export (excluding those sweet Milton Mangos) Finn McGrath, gave the crowd a glimpse that his best years are still ahead of him! Dunc's made it look effortless every time he touched the ball, he was everywhere, literally everywhere. It was like time had stopped with each and every possession, and geeeeeez it was good to look at (do yourself a favour and check out some of those action shots of his on the weekend #DannyRadisPhotography). Lots happened in the final quarter, and like Cathy Freeman's run, it was a blur. Main thing is we bloody won!!

Jezza and Atko channeled their inner Peter Siddle and nabbed a hat trick (of snags) each. Costello and Kezza also swung by bunnings and picked up a snag each as well. (These goals deserved a hell of lot more in this write up, sorry fellas).

Demons got up 8. 8. 56 to Hawks 3. 5. 23 - the scoreboard doesn't do the game justice. It was a hell of a contest and a great win by the boys. It was also a great way for club legend Greg Edwards to wrap up his time at the Dees. One of the most genuine and reliable blokes at the club, and been around long enough to know how good flags are! He had a ripper of a game to wrap things up, and this game, like the rest, got it done. Make sure you get around him!

Alex Atkinson: 3
Harry Costello: 1
Keiran McLellan: 1
Jeremy Williams: 3

How goods footy!

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