Magoos v Giants

Mark Webb | 04.08.21

Boy oh boy wow wee. What a game it was to start off a 5 game day on the Common. Up first was the Men's Conference team.

With some changes to the team saw the big man 8 goal kicker from 2 weeks before, Charlie Rae back in the side (more on him in a moment).

From the beginning of the match, the demons were ready to go. With some healthy clearances to the forward line, saw the boys having plenty of shots on goals and with big Charlie Rae having a handful just in the first.

Second quarter began with Slik lighting up the game across the back half and allowing nothing to go past him. With the nickname, came the skills that drove the boys into the forward like once again. With the goal umpire having to multitask with boundary throw-ins too, he was spending a lot of time running side to side as the boys struggling to add on majors till the big man took it on himself again.

Third quarter saw the opposition add some fight to the game and tested the midfield and backline groups. Once again they were as strong as hulk and only allowed them to kick 1 goal. Dunc and Fin doing as they do best with adding fight to help survive. Simon Leithhead and Hercules himself Thibaut Renard fought like it was their last meal to help control the flow of the game.

The last quarter saw the demons again have a surge of momentum going into the forward like with the 3 little fellas B1 and B2 and B-day boy (Bryce, Benjamin & Danny) help keep the pressure on the opposition. With the team trying their best to help the BIRTHDAY boy kick another goal in the last quarter but to his disappointment he had his mind on the amount of liquid he was going to hydrate himself with.

What a game it ended up being. With a great team effort this allowed the BIG MAN CHARLIE RAE to walk of the field with his hands full with 10 majors to his name! That is right, no word of a lie! A big bag of 10. That's 18 goals in 2 games. This will keep the Swans very busy next week when the conference boys march into the GRAND FINAL with such a healthy team!

Charlie Rae: 10
Duncan Gray: 1
Simon Leithhead: 1
Bryce Mulcahy: 1
Harrison Pearce: 1
Daniel Raids: 1

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