Super 3s - Down, But Not Out!

Ed Hooper | 04.08.21

Well this is a nice change, writing a report for a game I played in. The Social "Super" 3s Dees boys took on the Sussex Swans in what was something of a dead rubber match, our place in next week's big dance already secured.

Many boys were playing for spots in that team to take on the Emus for flag glory, and the chance to go for the team to make 6 cups on the trot!, never before seen feat in AFL London... probably, dunno, didn't look it up.

With nearly the whole club in attendance, the boys were fired up after running through the awesome tunnel with streamers, confetti and flares going nuts. I'll be honest; it was fucking sick.

A fine day for footy, and the 3s got off to a hot start, slamming home the opening goal in 2 kicks, cleared straight from the centre to a leading forward and through for 6 points. We looked on.

Alas, things turned from there. Sussex were a solid team, sitting in 3rd place and were tough to beat in the middle. They had some midfield dominance, pushing us around a fair bit. But that was alright, we knew we were the more skilled team, we would get them back over the game.

Then the rains came...

And from there, our superior, silky, sublime skills were less effective, with the game becoming much more of a slog on the suddenly muddy and slippery Common. While it only rained for the 2nd quarter, everyone was soaked and heavier, slower for it, and it changed the game a good bit in their favour.

Credit to Sussex, their forwards presented well out in front and took strong contested marks in their 50. Their midfield gave them some good deliveries, and kicked a few themselves. They got us on the day.

To give a well worn cliché it's due, full credit to the boys, they gave 110%. We began our last quarter with no bench, and the 18 on the field had to ran out the game. The 2nd quarter was their best with the most shots, we kept at it and made it a contest.

Michael Dunn did a great job in fullback, making some good decisions on his kickouts, getting the ball well clear. Tom Platts did a great job rucking all day against a taller and younger opponent, providing a contest everytime.

Matt "Sexytime" Sexton provided great spread on the wing, and foreigner Liam O'Dowd did well for a first year player, breaking some tackles and keeping the ball alive.

Final score was Demons 2.1.13 to Sussex 6.13.49

A tough game, but we move on to next week...
The Big Dance,
The Flagmaker,
The 6th in a row, not even Michael Jordan could it...

The Grand. Final. 😈

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