Shedee 2s vs Sussex Swans

Aishlea Smith | 04.08.21

There was no denying that us conference girls were fired up in the approach to Saturdays game against the Sussex Swans – given the last time we faced them we took a thrashing of 84-0. Not to mention the fight we had burning from within to secure our spot in the upcoming grand finale. What a day to show those Swans what the Demons were made of. Running onto the field, through a widespread proud tunnel of supporters was exactly what we needed; it gave a sense of comradery and an overall bang to starting the game.

First quarter really set the tempo and soiled our intensity of what was to be the entire game, just as if everything we had practised all season came into play - the pressure was on the ball, we got low to cover ground kicks and remained unshaken in keeping in line with our players. An impressive display of Welsh aggression shown by Chloe, right at the demons boundary - proving her player was not going to keep a hold of her as she attempted to clear the ball out. Surely the swans were shaking in their panties given the total score at quarter time was (S)4 - 0(D).

Having a full bench of players was definitely an advantage we took into this game. Ed has never been shy of saying ‘ run hard at the ball and give it absolutely everything you’ve got’, and this is exactly what we did. I remember taking a spoil, fumbling the ball but then kicking it along the ground and sprinting after it, to which then like a boomerang it went back into the Swans 50 - I was puffed to say the least and needed the rest. Utilising the rotations and allowing us all to rest, to get composure and return fighting was definitely a strength demonstrated throughout the game, not to forget the high amount of support and moral shown by all - which we wouldn’t expect anything less from a 4pm game. Some real strong tackles displayed throughout the mid field which followed into the backline. The entire backline defence was strong; whilst the ball did tend to get a little congested, & the dees were running their arses off to keep up with the ever changing swans positions on the field, we still managed to gin control, contest the ball and the applied pressure reflected in the half time score of 6-0. At this point we were reminded of Aileen’s last standing comments at training on Thursday prior ‘ No 6 pointers... No 6 pointers’ and we did exactly that for an entire half. Mid fielders also remained very composed - and it was evident that we were in this game for the fight.

Third quarter, shit started to get really real. The weather took a bit of a turn on us - and so as to be expected the ball became a little more hard to get a full grip on. Some really strong plays and consistent taps from Cassidy moving the ball between our mid field, some really impressive clearing of the ball from Big Boy and Ellen, again a consistent fight in the backline from Gabs, Maddi, Booney and Aileen & unfortunately the ball slipped through our fingers and the Swans went onto score 2 goals this quarter. But this did not stop us from fighting - we had epic support from our runners both Longy and Prip throughout the quarter and the game - giving us feedback and helping to keep our heads in the game. Thanks so much for the extra support to the both of them for helping out. 3rd quarter score 18-0 swans.

No surprises from the stronghold that G-NAT is and remains, always putting her whole body on the line and showing what she is made of after an injury that would see most men miss 1-2 weeks of footy - making a solid return in the last quarter. Nothing like a hit in the vag to get you fired up. Some rotations through the ruck saw both Maddi and Kayla takin some strong taps. Some really strong offensive plays from Greta, when the ball was gained and kicking it out to the boundary - unfortunately the ball just kept coming back to the Swans 50. That being said - whilst they did manage to sneak a few more goals - the pressure, teamwork and composure held by the entire team was something to be well proud of - the last quarter saw every second effort to touch the ball, every second effort to tackle and to shake our opponents, Roj was a superstar in the back pocket, making sure that they did not get in their hotspot, Megs also taking some great touches and shepherding on protecting that ball. When that final siren wet, it surely felt as though we had won, and in a way we did. Whilst we did not win the game - we won our well deserved spot in the grand final; We fought hard to making those Swans work for every point they scored, we did not let them outrun us, or shake us. In reflecting the entire team should be proud of not only the combined efforts displayed throughout the game but the efforts contributed individually, we played with strength, dignity and with Demons Pride. Final Score Swans 31-Demons 0. A special mention to Tom Molloy for running his guts out throughout the day - and for providing consistent well controlled umpiring, and to Rowen our MVP for always keeping our heads in the game. Now girls ahead of the BIG DANCE... let’s do exactly the same again, if not more - lets get some points on the board and show those Swans the Demons Wrath... Demons Demons Demons are we , Wandsworth, Wandsworth, Wandworth are we.

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