Prem v Lions

Issac Kirby | 05.08.21

After losing our penultimate, antepenultimate and preantepenultimate games for the year, the prems boys headed into the season's final round winless and in dire straits at the selection table. Had Coey and Corso done enough to get a game in the prems side?

With common sense finally prevailing from the selection committee, we finally managed to field a side – thankfully coming up against a Lions side that was also missing a large continent to travel and a bald ruckman that had 100 hit-outs against us in round 2.

The boys started well, finally reaping the rewards of what had still been an enjoyable season – Baz continued his form up forward with Noske, while Tim Wilton, Josh Rankin and Coey all worked well through the middle. Coey would have had another 15 disposals if he wasn't preoccupied with a particular Lion (nee Demon) opposition player.

As the game progressed, we saw the fruits of Corso's labour finally appearing – Baz was on fire up forward, Corso himself was operating as a human sieve, and Brendan O'Shea in his first game up manhandling anyone sent his way.

After getting sent off in the third quarter, I didn't pay much attention to what was happening on-field, but I can safely assume Tom Molloy monstered the Lions midfield and kept us in front until the final siren.

While looking at the ladder might seem we've had a disappointing year, I can't recall a tighter group since arriving in London – with a massive thank you going to Corso for the way he's taken on a role no one envies. Your commitment and fervour are unparalleled, mate, and I fear for any future child you play vicariously through.

My top three moments from the year, as follows:
3. Mark Webb Smiling
2. Mike Martin V Alex Coe
1. Mike Martin V Johnny Harvey

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