Round 1 - Super 3's vs Giants

Xav Holland | 12.05.22

T'was a leisurely start for the Super 3s as we were graced with a delightful kick-off post 12pm, which is a rarity for specimens such as ourselves. We are almost nocturnal animals, preferring to feast upon the light of the early dawn instead of wilting in the summer heat of the mid-afternoon. No matter, however. As the Super 3's kicked off season 2022 with a commanding win over the Giants and an even bigger win over the 6 feet wide cracks that we had to maneuver around on Peckham Rye. Lucky they were the only cracks seen on the day, as the team run out 42 point winners.

Although the end margin was pleasing, the first quarter was utter GARBAGE. I hated every minute of it. I compared it to watching the Rise of Skywalker. I had great expectations early, but they were swiftly washed away under a sea of catastrophes. We went into quarter time a few points up.

What happened after that point was nothing short of a miracle, the miracle of Peckham the locals were calling it. I put it all down to Jake Summers giving absolute 0 stuffs about the opposition's as he refused to allow any of them near the footy. If this man is tackled once this year I'll be amazed. After a slow start, the young upstart in Taylor Davies dominated the second term, having the ball on a string and penetrating the 50m arc like a man who enjoys penetrating the 50m arc. He had 600 possessions and a couple goal assists in the quarter, and then even nabbed a snag himself by the end.

After half time, the wheels were rolling for the Super 3s and we held the opposition to a single point for the half. Shout out to our defense who were watertight all game, with some glorious rebound footy from Nich Phillips all game. In the middle, despite having his head taken CLEAN OFF in the first quarter, Harry Pearce was dominant all game, backed up by Bryce as well.

In the forward line the first gamer and youngest member of the squad, Pete Murray, was lively all game and Tom Platts had 18 contested marks and 12 goals, according to his journal entry he made later that night. The suprise packet was Ed "Edward" Hoops "Hooper" who when the head coach played a masterful stroke and put him forward, helped himself to a goal and 428 possessions. Possibly because the bloke he was playing on forgot about him, but either way, huge game from Hoops. Then the Prez Daniel Radish was spectacular, not giving an inch and then complaining all night at the Tool concert about his corked thigh. 

All in all, a solid performance after a slow start. With a massive game this weekend, we are pumped and ready to go 2 from 2 and keep this season rolling on!

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