Round 2 - Men's Conference - Dee's v Wildcats

Rowhen McBride | 19.05.22

Club rivalries do not get any greater than the back to back showdowns on the Common between the two largest and successful Clubs in AFL London. Five games on the Common between these old foes and as expected thus far all were hotly contested on and off the field. The Demons seized an early advantage by two earlier wins by our Social and Women Conference teams.

The Conference boys wanted to continue the pattern of wins and provided boundless forward pressure in the early stages of the first quarter, piling on three goals to one.

Although it was a midfield battle being won by the Demons, it was the Wildcats ability to spread the ball that led to their success throughout the day. It was a half of opportunities gone astray with the scores reading 3.5 23 to 2.0 12. In the first half we witnessed a sterling debut from Cam Woods in a defensive role and the return of class from Duncan Gray commanding his way through the midfield.

The second half continued in the same fashion as the previous quarters with an abundance of intent and hunt for the football but a lack of reward for effort. It was not until late in the quarter that the boys begun to collect the chocolates by stacking on three goals to push the three quarter time margin out to 25 points.

This game of football is not done after three quarters and the Wildcats exploded with early intent placing some pressure back onto the Demons as they begun to find easy path to goal. The margin was reduced and the Wildcats began to find their mojo again. As the game began to open up, it also unlocked opportunities for the Demon forwards to get their hands on the ball with Isaac Weber and Rowhen McBride steadying the ship in the quarter.

Final score of the game was Wandsworth Demons 9.10 64 to West London Wildcats 6.0 36. It was the suffocating squeeze and pressure on the Wildcats that allowed the win to take place. All day individuals such as Ed Hooper, Tom Exton and Jake Summers hunted the ball and found themselves in fanciful positions over the field to push the ball forward.

There will be an emphasis of finish going into next week as the Demons will be seeking far more rewards for their effort.

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