Round 5 - Womens Conference - Wildcats vs Dees

Ed Hooper | 17.06.22

It was an early morning rise for the Shedee2 on June 11th, facing old rivals the West London Wildcats conference side.

We had bested them previously in a seriously tight match with only our 1 goal scored and 4 points the final margin. We knew it would be a tough game, despite having less numbers than the opposition, the team were raring to go!

With a 3 woman bench, we started the game and gave it a red hot crack.

The Wildcats had some good players who were hard to stop, a particular #2 kicking a few clearances, and a tall ruck who gave them first choice of the ball.

Our girls dug in though, and made great changes to stop their run, and forced them to get all the way to the goal line to kick their goals. It was a marvelous sight to see chains of possession up the ground, starting from our backline, and making nearly the length of the ground.

The improvement from these girls over the season is amazing, and wasn't reflected in the scoreline at all. The match was tightly fought the whole way, with our girls never giving up, even with the smaller bench.

Some of our standouts for the day were Bridget the skipper and Annie in the midfield; Bridget providing the leadership and gut running needed to get the ball forward, and Annie doing a sound job to silence #2 when we gave her the task, and limit her impact. 

Ciara also shone well in the backline where she feels most comfortable, so much that we put her in the engine room to have a bigger impact. After a quarter, she asked to be back in CHB, only to then make a barnstorming, 4th effort run through the corridor!, showing why we wanted her in the centres! A stellar effort chasing her kicks down the field, making 3 in a row and gaining probably 120m of territory.

Sarah B. was in all the right spots as a forward flank, providing the link up we needed from midfield to forward line, finding plenty of space easily. For a 2nd year player, she's learning her forward craft really well.

Standout of the day though must go to our resident Scotswoman, Eilidh "Ando" Anderson, who played well as our go to CHF, and even better when thrown in the midfield. Strong leads at the footy provided the target we needed; her attack on the footy in the air is awesome to watch. You know she's going to get to the drop of the ball. Giving our mids a slight break, she got a shot there, and as she does with the footy, took it with both hands. She kicked our 2nd goal from the hotspot, running all the way from the midfield, taking a quick kick pff a lovely handoff from Charley facing the up the ground; it was poetry in motion, and everyone knows last goal wins.

A superb and admirable effort from our Shedee2 against a quality opponent, smiles on the faces at the end was the cherry on top.

West London Wildcats 2s - 5.11.41

Wandsworth Demons 2s - 2.3.15

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