Round 6 - Womens Conference - Dee's v Sussex Swans

Ruby Furnell & Aish Smith | 24.06.22

It was a steaming hot Saturday on the Common and the girls were down early for the most efficient set up the club has seen to date. Our friendly opponents and last years Conference premiership winners, were all smiles as we got ready for the day.

With a 10am start, the girls were raring to go and dominated the ball in the first quarter - each attempt by Sussex to get it out of their defensive 50 was met with a mark by the Dees or a fierce tackle which quickly sent the ball back into goal kicking territory. 

First and last quarter were arguably the best for the Demons with really strong defensive play down the entire field, with particular mention to Ruby making her debut in ruck and Eilidh with some intense work around the ball, both putting on the shepherds, tackles and taking stellar marks. It seemed as though the Swans weren’t able to make much around the ground, however, they were successful in blocking 3 potential shots at goal in the first quarter - if only we’d had a few seconds longer.

Second quarter saw Bec Foster and Lic Harris put on some great tackles, Shannen sheparding left right and centre, and Robyn also all over the play. The combination keeping the ball well within our 50 once again. 

Coming into the third quarter the Dees were given two free kicks (again in the 50), and newcomer Jen Bacon kicked a goal and a point, while Ruby also scored a point. Jen continued to be absolutely everywhere, and we also saw some really impressive play from Annie and Megs Corcoran (even though she was so hungover she went on the burrito herself in a picnic blanket and sleep for three hours after the game).

The final quarter was more of the same from both teams, but unfortunately during the last few minutes of the game a Sussex player was injured, ending the game early.

Final score 1. 2 Dees, 2.2 Sussex

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