Round 6 - Mens Premiership - Dee's vs Lions

Isaac Kirby | 24.06.22

‘We are all different but there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there?’

Written in 1970 about an affable talking fox that stole chickens from British farmers—Roald Dahl’s words are relevant again some 52 years later. 

Except this time, the loveable rogue took a human form, and, rather than thieving poultry, he committed a footballing faux-pas. 

Enter (Fantastic?) Mr. Edward Fox. 

With a kerfuffle breaking out on the half-forward flank, a goose from Sussex decided to throw a well-timed right to the snout of a Demon with a funny-looking topknot—and the crowd broke into rapture. 

It was here that Foxy decided to appoint himself Peacekeeper-of-the-Common—hurtling onto the ground, placing the short-statured Sussexian into a Chinese-headlock, and taking him to the ground in a citizen arrest. 

After realising it wasn’t an opposition player who had brought him to the ground but instead a portly spectator wearing tennis whites and aviators, the Sussex team was understandably irate. 

Though Foxy’s afternoon didn’t continue, following the first-ever ejection from Clapham Common courtesy of Xav, the Prem boys knew their afternoon still had a way to go. 

The boys started solidly, taking a five-goal lead into quarter time, with Jake Summers, Rolfey, and Niall combining beautifully like jam, cream, and a scone. Not sure who is which though. Slick continued his strong form and looks to be the unbackable favourite for the BNF, while Corso and his very hairy arms clunked some beautiful marks across half-back before suffering a corked thigh. 

The second quarter saw Matt Sharrock capitalise on Kirby’s putrid attempts at marking and begin what was to be his best game for the club—a bag of 6, with almost half coming on his left. A commendable performance from a bloke who said at the start of the year he wanted to play 3’s. 

With our lead increasing every quarter—mainly through the commendable work of first-gamer Summers, last-gamer Johnny Mac and second-gamer Jesse Iwasko—we managed to put together our best performance for quite some time. 

The game finished with us winning by 15 goals, but unfortunately, with next weekend seeing us have our fifth bye in six weeks courtesy of the scheduling genius’ at AFL house, we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to continue our strong form. 

Congratulations to all-around nice guy Johnny Mac on finishing his demons career—best of luck back home, and for whatever the future holds.

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