Round 8 - Mens Conference vs Lions

Isaac Kirby | 05.07.22

Before writing this article, I tried to think of the best way to describe the Demon’s team that took on the Lions on Saturday. 


Then it struck me. 

Grafting fruit. 

This term describes the mixing of two perfectly normal types of fruit—i.e., an apple and a pear—to create a new fruit, usually only done to please the ego of a stubborn farmer wanting to prove a point. 

Except for this time, it was no apple nor pear but a grafting of the Demon’s Prems team with the Conference boys—with the stubborn farmer being Xav.

And he fucking wonders why the league doesn’t like us! 

But I digress. 


The ConferPrem team got off to a solid start—Nick Morris’ soft private schoolboy hands were marking everything, Worm was running amok off the halfback, and Jake Summers was again proving his class for a bloke that is yet to hit double digits for total hours slept on a Friday night this year. 

We continued our strong form as the game wore on, extending our lead at each break. I can’t remember much from the middle two quarters except for a spectator walking past in a cape with a plastic lightsaber. I assumed he had mistaken Pride for Padawan or was an actual Jedi looking to sharpen his hand-to-hand combat skills under the tutelage of Edward Fox.

It was in fact fantastic to see the Foxcatcher return wearing the exact same outfit as two weeks earlier—if anything the white polo was brighter than every before. 

Andrew Fay played well in his first showing for the club, Jonny Harvey and Hugo Phillips both carried across their excellent form, while Ricky Four Nationalities Leumann seemed to build his confidence in his skills as the game progressed. 

Anywho the well has run dry for another week, I genuinely can’t remember much more from the game, so it's adieu for now—see you all in a month!

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