Round 8 - Womens Conference vs Lions

Matt Sexton | 05.07.22

The prem girls may have been travelling to Brighton but the journey to North London felt just as long. 2 trains, a bus and a ferry later we arrived at the ground to the vision of a rainbow flag. Pride round was here.

Numbers were short on both sides so we agreed to play 12 + 2 on the bench. We knew going in that it was going to take everything we had. In the team chat before the game we agreed that we would take the game as an opportunity to try something new, try a different position, and have some fun with it.

With only 12 on the field space is abundant and the girls found out quickly there was going to be some running. By the end of the game most players had played in every position and as a coaching staff we couldn't be prouder.

No matter what position they were moved into they gave everything they had. A shout out to Mel, Rowena and Lee who played the best games I've seen them play.

We didn't get the win, but we left the ground smiling. It was a good day out.

A quick turnaround is upon us with a mid week game against the wildcats!

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