Round 8 - Mens Premiership vs Lions

Michael Corso and Ben Eddy | 05.07.22

The hour long trip it took to get to bounds green which really felt like 24 hours did not hold back the excitement the Prem’s boys had on Saturday. And when I mean Prem’s boys I mean the conference and socials team. 


With coach Michael Corso back at the helm after a nasty arm injury the boys had full faith in getting the win against a determined but short-staffed Lions conference team. 


The first quarter did not go as planned with the lions holding tough and putting together some good passages and spirited plays. But that was all short-lived with our leaders, Jack Rolfe and James Murname turning up the heat and showing the boys some fancy footwork and excellent forward delivery skills that Deliveroo would be envious of. 


Up front we witnessed a BOG performance by our trusted captain James Noske kicking a bag of goals and also kicking a bag of shanks, supported by the best in the business Alex Smith and big Shane who enjoyed slotting a few snags and putting on a display for all to see. Even uncle Gav took a great grab in the forward 50, only to immediately play on and be caught holding the ball - keep up the great work Uncle Gav. 


The Zlatan Ibrahimović look a like (aka Sava) playing his first Prem’s game in the ruck it looked like he belonged in the sport of AFL also getting in and under like a little ruck rover.


As coaches we were really impressed by the way in which our boys went about it. The experience and  inexperienced combined well for what was a fun and exciting day out. As for the result? Well it took care of itself. 

Well done to everyone who jumped in to have a go and contributed to the Mens Premiership team. 

We now look towards another bye round, then ahead to our next game against the Wimbledon Hawks at home. 


Enjoy the week off boys and see you at training where we will start preparing for the tail end of the season.

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