Round 10 - Women's Conference - Dees vs Swans

Matt Sexton | 22.07.22

5 teams on the common!

Wandsworth Conf v London Swans

Fight MND round.

The sun was out, the volunteers were rolling in carrying booze, baked treats and other goodies. The day had that special feeling about it.

As we prepared for the game we highlighted today was about something more than footy. With that message at our core, the vibes were at an all time high and we took the pitch prepared to play.

During my tenure as the conf coach, regardless of any challenge thrown at us, we have created an identity as a tackle and pressure team. We managed to take that to another level.

We started the game off well, and entered the second quarter wanting it more. A great series led to an opportunity for Hannah to try and slot one from a difficult angle. BANG, a delicious drop punt saw the ball fly through for our first of the afternoon. This was made 1000 times better by every single girl getting around her after the goal.

The swans look frustrated, they threw everything at us but couldn’t find a way to truly get on top. A brilliant example of see ball, get ball, kick ball by Jen in the middle led to another chance in our fwd line in the 3rd and our captain Brigdet snagged our second.

This was one of our best efforts of the year - the tackling, the skills and genuine enjoyment playing together made for a brilliant watch.

Jen Bacon was named our players player after a fantastic game.

Playtime is over now. Its finals time. Last time we played the Cats we won and Saturday we are ending their season early.

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