Round 10 - Men's Prem - Dees vs Hawks

Michael Corso | 22.07.22

"And that's all she wrote."

The home and away season has drawn to a close and the Men's Premiership finished with 6 wins and 1 loss to finish in second place on the ladder after a good win against an opportunistic Wimbledon Hawks on everyone's favourite round - Fight MND. 

On a day where temperatures were high and the Common was as dry as the Sahara desert, the boys took to the field to put on a good show of strength, willpower and determination to fight the good fight in very trying conditions. With a host of new faces and new-look rotations, our boys soaked up the spirit of the day and put on settling performance against a nothing to lose Hawks side. 

From the first bounce our midfield was strong, winning the clearances through the dominant ruck work of Pete Mollison who dominanted the taps and gave first use to Jack Rolph, Marshall Pascoe and of course Alex Coe. A warm welcome back to Coey, great to see you back to producing some of your best footy in the Red and Blue. 

Up forward, our efforts were rewarded through the strong presence of James Noske who synced up with the lively Danny Radis in what is becoming known as one of the best performing duos, rivaling the likes of Arnold Schwazenegger and Danny Davito in Twins. However, their ability to finish wouldn't have been possible without some good delivery from the likes of DJ and Hugo Phillips, who continued his run of excellent form with another dominating game on the wing. 

Down back we witnessed the smooth performances of Andrew Fay, Luke Deards and Johnny Havey who led from the front with some fantastic defensive exits, intercept marks and skill. While Jack the "Charmer" and Ben Dance put on a classic defenders display, not giving their opponents an inch and winning the crucial 1 on 1s.

As the match wore on and the heat intesified, our pressure, focus and discipline was understandably impacted. We had the likes of Joe Lloyd, Tim Brown, Tommy Lucas and Connor Hayes playing out of their skins in a desparate attempt to share the load and provide relief in what was mostly a fast paced game. However, some momentary lapses in concentration proved a perfect opportunity for the Hawks to snag a few goals and keep themselves in the game. 

Fortunately for us, our class and persistence the day pulled through. Jesse Iwasco worked his way into the game and proved a handful up forward for the Hawks. Alex Atkinson pitched in as a handy defensive option with some classy exits and skill. Ultimately, we came away with a solid win and now set our gaze to the preliminary finals birth against the North London Lions game this week. 

Congratulations to Tim Brown, Tommy Lucas, Michael Dunn, Connor Hayes for your first games and wins in the 1s and again to all the boys who played in the Prems across the year for your hard work in the home and away season. 

You have done a fantastic job in getting to this point but our challenge has only begun. We have a lot to work on to set us up for a strong finals campaign but I believe that our group can take us all the way to ultimate success this year. 

Work hard, let's embrace and prepare for the challenge together! 

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