Finals Week 2 - Men's Premiership - Dee's v North London Lions

Michael Corso | 05.08.22

The Men's Premiership 2022 campaign came to an end over the weekend with a heart-breaking 5 point loss to the North London Lions in Chiswick.

The game started with the Lion's taking advantage of a handy breeze which saw them head into the first break with a two goal lead. Alex Coe was doing all he could through the midfield to generate clearances, and despite their best efforts, our forwards couldn't quite find the scoreboard and take advantage of the opportunities. However, as a group we stuck to the task and dug ourselves in to keep in striking distance.

In the second quarter our systems started moving. The likes of Issac Kirby and James Murname were instrumental in our ball use, lacing out our tall targets in James Noske and Nick Morris, who worked themselves into the game with a display of important contested marks and sure goal kicking. Our small forwards also proved important, with the likes of Joe Lloyd and Matt Sharrock piling on the pressure, causing chaos for the Lion's defenders.

As the game wore on, the cracks started to appear for the Lions. Our perseverance through solid defence, led by the likes of Thomas Eastick and Andrew Fay, had really set the tone for everyone on the ground. Our midfielders became more accountable, willing to run both ways and desperate to launch the ball long and deep which orchestrated a crucial Alex Coe goal at the three-quarter-time siren to put us in the driver's seat for the final change.

The smell of an upset was in the air. The reigning premiers were on the ropes, a spirited demon had the wind at their tail and the stage was set for a date with the Cats at the big dance. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't take full advantage of the wind and we were outworked and outclassed by an opponent who pulled through time and time again.

The King of the Jungle was in his rightful place, the demon had been defeated.

A disappointing end to an otherwise a very positive year, where we showed in glimpses of the team that have the potential to be.

A massive thank you to Ben Eddy, James Noske, Tate Skinner, Frank Caldow, Glenn Sandford, Rowan McBride, the broader coaching staff, the exec, the broader committee, the players and friends who all contributed to our campaign this year in one way or another.

Best of luck to all teams playing off in the Grand Final this week!

We will be back next year boys....spurred on by the result, and with a fire to do it all again.....


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