Grand Final - Women's Conference vs Wimbeldon Hawks

Matt Sexton | 01.09.22

Grand Final round 2.

Going to keep this short and sweet, I got my emotions out in my first end of season match report.

In some weird kind of miracle the conf girls got the magical message from the execs on Wednesday.... WE ARE IN THE GRAND FINAL!!

The vibes were at an all time high and showed clearly on Thursday with the best training attendance of the year.

Game day rolled around and it was beautiful. Blue skys.... green... well a brownish field gleaming with potential. We already knew it was going to be another slog. 14s AGAIN... in a grand final... are ya having a laugh?!

Thankfully we are a resilient bunch, accepted the challenge and got ready for the day. It was a tough time out there, the opposition was well drilled in the tactics of AFL14s and it took us a while to match their intensity.

We came into half time knowing that we could do better, we have played better all season. A better 3rd quarter but we knew that this wasn't our complete brand of footy. The final huddle, one final 15 minutes, we agreed we would give it our all. BOY DID WE WHAT. Every tackle was crunching, 2nd, 3rd, 4th efforts! We may not have come away with the win but we definitely showed what we are made of and ended on a high.

The team has developed so much this year and I worry for the opposition in 2023. We are coming for that trophy.

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