Rd 8: Demons vs North London Lions (Social)

Jimmy 'Prez' Perrett | 08.07.16

Wandsworth Demons 12.9 (81) def. North London Lions 0.0 (0)

Coming off a bye and Glastonbury, the Super 3's were out for a test against the Lions. To the Lions credit, they were able to field a side that gave the Demons a good run out. We welcomed a cameo appearance by Andrew ‘Macca’ McCaffery, who showed his true class as a footballer, returning to the sport after three years. He was well supported by Donners and the plethora of forward pockets that enjoyed the turnout - Gatesy was smoking hot all day - literally having a smoke himself at the main break.

The game was quickly put under control by the Demons - we settled into playing our style of footy while the Lions did all they could to keep up. The defence of Posty, the German terrier Weiner, Unitt, Coombsey and Walshy is to be commended. They repelled anything that came at them and as such kept the Lions scoreless the whole game. Coombsey managed to snag himself a goal from CHB too!

Best on Hoarey and Bresci, who starred in the midfield, worked perfectly to direct the younger and fitter players of Toots and Kane, while they let their skills do the talking. Hoarey's liberal use of sunscreen made him extremely hard to tackle and his 50+ possessions (pun intended) showed in his delivery to the forward line at every clearance. Lachie also made the ruck position his own by telling the coaching staff he "had it sorted" all day.

Although the score line was an impressive one, the Demons forward line still needs to work on their goal scoring abilities. Even though shots on goal hugely improved after a half time spray from coach 'chicken' Tim, one half of good footy isn't going to be enough against stronger sides. Once again, there were too many of us lining up to nab one ourselves on the weekend. In big games, this lack of discipline will undo us and you will only have yourselves to blame. Know your positions and work with each other so that you become the best team, not a team of individuals. The Demons are at the top of the table for a reason, but no one remembers the minor premiers. It's time to start gelling as a team in the lead up to finals. It was evident again on Saturday when only eight blokes turned up to help out with gear. That is not a team mentality, nor is it evidence of a true team. Do yourselves proud by turning up to face the legends this weekend because you all need the run.

A huge thanks goes out to OE who took on the duty of Pitto's carer by going to the hospital with him and making sure he was OK. A true example of a great clubman and mate. Thanks OE.

Goals: Andrew McCarrey 4, Bresci 2, Walshy 1, Chicken Tim 1, Tank 1, Hoarey 1, Coombesy 1, Oatesy 1

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