Rd 8: Demons vs North London Lions (Conference)

Shaun 'Yeao' Martin | 08.07.16

Wandsworth Demons 15.10 (100) def. North London Lions 3.2 (20)

The Magoos went into Saturday's game under a load of pressure sitting fourth on the ladder, with a win vital to stay in touch with the front runners and chase down that crucial second place on the ladder. 

Despite a host of key players missing, none more notable than their fearless leader Mitch Skelly, the Demons were bolstered by a number of 'ins' and started the game full of confidence. 

Mitchell ‘Thommo’ Thompson stepped up as captain and the game started in glorious sunshine.

A semi-fit Michael ‘Pitto’ Pittman, who agreed to help his beloved magoos side despite being sick all week after a binge weekend at Glastonbury, only lasted 5 minutes into the game before being taken out (off the ball) in a clearly targeted attack. It was an unfortunate and somewhat ugly incident, but it did band the demons together, who instantly backed each other up and for the rest of the game really got around each other. Pitto was last seen wandering towards Clapham singing "I'm forever blowing Bubbles..."

The Demons got on top early kicking into the wind with some great team plays. Having the likes of Dicky and Animal as big targets up forward made for terrific play as they used their smarts and size to clearly beat their opponents. Al Skel gave the midfield group first use of the footy with his terrific, 4-quarter effort in the ruck. 

The midfield group stepped up even more in the second quarter as Bambi, Kiercey and Thommo continued to control the game. They were supported well by Casa, Billy Candy in his best game of the year as well as first gamer Hugo

A sneaky cameo from Tom ‘Topknot’ Tullet worked sensationally as he dominated across the wing all day.

By halftime the Demons were definitely on top, but yet again stepped it up to out score the Lions in the third into a stiff breeze. The backline was as solid as they always are and gave their opponents no room all day. Fults, Sharpley, Shakey, Baer, Dom, Conor and Schaffer were strong all day and should be commended for their performance. 

At 3-quarter-time, coach Ash ‘Whopper’ Walsh urged his troops to finish off in style and put away the Lions, and that's exactly what they did. A 6 goal to 0 final quarter, topped off by a sensational snap (and celebration) from Conor, gave the Magoos an 80 point win in what was clearly their best win of 2016. Most notable was how the boys played a 4-quarter game and rallied around early. 

The big run to finals is officially on! With plenty of players to come back and some huge games coming up, it's an exciting time to be around the Demons. Up the Magoos!

On a serious note, well done to Eoin Kenny for travelling with Pitto to hospital, staying with him and making sure he got home safely. You're a good man Eoin and a true Demon! 

Best: Kiercey, Hugo, Fults, Topknot

Goals: Animal 3, Candy 2, Casa 2, Dicky 2, Hugo 2, Conor 1, Ki 1 - if you kicked a goal, please claim it as we are missing the last 2 goals

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