Rd 8: Demons vs North London Lions (Premiership)

Ash 'Ash' Walsh | 08.07.16

Wandsworth Demons 19.11 (125) def. North London Lions 7.6 (48)

The premier side showed their dominance against the depleted Lions last weekend, putting the game beyond doubt not long after half time to win comfortably. 

Kicking up hill and into a strong wind first quarter, the Demons had to work extremely hard to restrict the Lions scoring opportunities. The whole team worked super hard in the first quarter, with the mid field working deep into defence to help out and the forwards always providing an option with difficult kicking conditions. The Dees played smart, tough football with the Lions constantly under pressure and only being able to kick two goals for the quarter, which we equalled up the other end, Jeffers making a welcome return to the side and snagging the first for the day. 

The second quarter with the wind was better for the Dees with Rousey starting to get on top of his opponent kicking two of his seven for the day and the midfielders hitting the scoreboard as well. The highlight for the quarter was a Benny Durance long bomb from outside 50m on the boundary. Again, the midfield and defence worked hard to set up the wall across the middle of the ground not allowing the Lions any space or time with the footy. 

It was the third quarter where the Dees broke the Lions, even with kicking into the wind. The boys used the footy much better and were able to extend the lead whilst restricting the Lions scoring at the same time. Alan played his best game all year in the ruck, not only winning taps, but taking marks around the ground. Not sure what Tez put on his hands but he didn't drop a mark all day and seemed to pluck them from everywhere, one brilliant mark going back with the flight in the goal square to kick one against the wind. The pressure was all too much for the Lions and they lost their way, the game going into the last quarter beyond doubt with the Dees having a commanding lead. 

 The fourth quarter was party time for the Dees and although the sunshine popped back through the clouds, it started raining goals. The midfield was well on top and provided clean, quality ball into the forwards who didn't disappoint. Rousey, Cooney, Goodman and Red, just to name a few who hit the scoreboard in the last quarter. Sandy finished off his best game, providing plenty of pressure and grunt through the midfield. Tex intercepted Lions kicks at will and Nath, well he just looked good as always sweeping across half back, even though he didn't have much to do at that stage in the game. Lego went about his business, keeping his dangerous Lions opponent quiet all day.

As cliché as it sounds, it really was a fantastic team effort for the Demons, everyone contributing with the highlight being the tackling pressure across the board. The intensity of the first quarter is the benchmark for the rest of the year now and it is important not to drop off. I look forward to seeing you all down at training for an important few weeks on the track as we get closer to finals and blokes start to compete for precious finals positions. 

The Alex 'Play of the Day' must go to the biggest, reddest, baddest man in the team for his last quarter goal. Picture this, Red caught deep in the pocket, his hair tie had fallen to the ground at this point so his luscious red locks were shimmering in the sun, and three Lions defenders come running at him. In typical style, he side stepped two, stiff armed the other one to the ground like a rag doll and with one foot on the boundary line, threaded the impossible goal from the boundary about 30m out. After a smile and 15 high fives, he meandered back to the middle to win the next stoppage and kick forward for his 37th possession for the game. Great work Red! 

Goals: Rousey 7, Cooney 2, Ash Walsh 2, Tez 2, Goodman 2, Jeffers 1, Dj 1, Benny Durance 1 - last goal to be claimed

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