Rd 9: Crabs' Criminals (Women's comp)

Kate 'Crabs' Grabowski | 14.07.16

The sun’s out, the birds are chirping, two minutes till first bounce against the Giants and I am missing four of my Criminals. Never mind they say, get out there and see what you can do.

Crabs' Criminals 2.4 (16) def. by South East London Giants 8.6 (54)

With no warm up and no idea what positions I’d told everyone to be in, we got ahead against the breeze kicking the first two goals. The lead was short lived however, as the Giants had obviously been doing some goal kicking practice, and were bombing goals from the centre circle, one after the other. 

We fought hard for 24 minutes with all our girls getting a touch of the footy. Nips and Princess working hard in the backline to try and stop the midfield run. Unfortunately we really didn’t stand a chance against the clinical Giants midfield.

Crabs' Criminals 6.9 (45) def. Paris Cockerels 2.2 (14)

Game two against a well-oiled Paris team, started off in a much better way. We now had our full squad, and we were ready to go. Becks stepped into the ruck and found her feet straight off the bat, winning the majority of the taps and then following the ball up and kicking goals. Townsy had a free run on the half forward line and was looking dangerous. Socksy was starting to grab some marks, Aussie Steph and Screech were working hard at ground level. Kaz, Princess and Nips were everywhere, Riddle was strong in defence and Snakesy was a ball magnet in her first ever game. We had the Frenchies from the get go and although they had some great ball movement and couple of top goals, we held them off to take our first win of the day. I have to mention the goal of the game: from a behind, I kick it out 60 metres (definintely not exaggerating) straight down the guts to Townsy, Townsy takes the mark and runs on to kick a stunning 70 metre goal (again no exaggeration here).

Crabs' Criminals 4.4 (28) def. Boxy's Believers 2.4 (16)

Backing it up after the French was our third and final game of the day against arch-rivals Boxy’s Believers. The Criminals headed into this match 1-up on the Believers so I knew we were going to have a fight on our hands. Becks lined up against Elbow, Katie & Deano in the ruck, and again she proved how strong a player she is. I was stuck against Katie, which is a task I wish to never do again. That rugby shoulder almost took me out on numerous occasions and I am pretty sure she was BOG, if not Katie then Becks who again dominated. The game is a bit of a blur as there was pushing, shoving, bodies flying everywhere even a bit of friendly biffo. Riddle slotted her first goal of the year, and we played strong as a team with some great passages of play. It was a hard fought game, but we were lucky to come up with the goods making it Criminals 2 – Believers 0.

Thanks to everyone who helped umpire, time-keep, score and run water. It was a very successful day with the undefeated Giants taking the silverware. 

To the Paris team, thanks for making the effort to come over. We were honoured to host you and will continue the great relationship we've built for years to come. 

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