Rd 9: Legends vs Super 3s

Jimmy 'Prez' Perrett | 14.07.16

Demons royalty turned up in droves on the weekend, but it was mostly to make sure the beer consumption was under control and that the forward pocket line was heavily used during the Legends v Super 3's match.

We were able to field a very strong team of 12, knowing we'd be up against some decent opposition. It was great to see ex prez Marko dust off his boots and line up alongside the current one, who both depicted intimidating figures even before the first ball up. Longy turned back the clock with plenty of run on the wing, proving to be a handful off the footy and shaking up the opposition with pretending to pick up the ball more often than not. Mitch Ebdon laid on some heavy tackles and was considered for a recall in the regular 3's side after a very strong showing. But it was Doc who was instrumental in the ruck all day and came very close to winning BOG if it wasn't for Gatesy who's highlight (and only contribution) was a spectacular grab, followed by an even more spectacular miss to then gain the trophy for himself by default, being the last Legend standing at the end of the day. Micky T had a solid run also, which shows why he still plays in the big time.

Frank, our fearless captain for the day, saw a huge comeback game after busting his knee a few months ago proposing to a girl he had met 5 minutes beforehand. Usually known for barking orders at Hoarey on the sideline, he was rather subdued for a man of his passion and directed more with the 7 goals he piled on. Not to be out done, our international legends of Turk, Tank, Falk and Ali all made contributions by slotting several goals between them. Let's hope Ali and Falk make a welcome return in 2017, as they proved their worth coming out of retirement.

Play of the day goes to Tank himself, who grabbed the ball from the halfway line, spun around not one, not two, but three bewildered 3's player to snag the goal of the day. Thanks also to Daniel from the Paris Cocks who was an endless amount of energy throughout the whole game. Special mention goes to Smiley who began the day as a legend, but was forced to join the weaker 3's in their attempt to overcome the legends, who eventually ran the 3's into the ground in what was a superb performance, finishing the game 68 point winners. Thanks Rousey for your very fair and unbiased umpiring to agree that the score line is exactly how we all remember...

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