Rd 9: Demons vs London Swans (Conference)

Michael 'Ash' Pitman | 14.07.16

Clapham Demons 16.24 (120) def. London Swans 1.3 (9)

Second last game of the regular season and we knew going in to the game, from previous results that the match wasn’t going to be one for the ages. The Swans have been battling with numbers all season and this was the case going in to the game on Saturday with a call to play 16 a side before some threes demons kindly put their hands up and helped out the undermanned Swans. Thanks to those boys Post, Tank and Bevan!!!

Before the game I viewed this as a chance to really hone our skills and work on our team structures, trying to get some real momentum going in to the finals. I thought the backline, like they have all season, really stood up when the ball was in our back half. They were often outnumbered but still were able to link up well, create space and time and repel the ball sending it forward again. I thought everyone who played in defence played well! Special mention to Whitey, who intercepted and read the ball well all day and Sharpley who was rarely beaten in the last line of defence.

Big Walshy continues to excel and has come on in leaps and bounds since the start of the season. He is providing another viable ruck option for the Magoos and his reading of the play is exceptional considering how little he has played. He was often seen in possession in the back half and then moments later taking a mark and setting up another play 100m away. I think for someone who has come in to the game so late he has done remarkably well in his first season of footy.

Our midfield was on top all day, Thommo was pick of the midfielders kicking four and setting up plenty more. He seemed to have his own pill and I would not be surprised if he called in sick on Monday with a severe case of leather poisoning. From a coaches point of view although we were on top in the middle we were still far too unaccountable individually, it seemed from the side line that there was a lot of run when the ball was heading forward but when the ball was turned over their wasn’t the same run in reverse. This often left the defence outnumbered and against a better opposition would leave us vulnerable.

The forward line didn’t get the best service and had to work hard when the ball was inside forward 50 most of the day. This improved as the game went on, as the skills and delivery improved. Play of the day was definitely Casa’s miracle goal from the pocket. He had at least five 100+kg defenders bearing down on him, was missing a shoe and had Dicky Benson smoking a dart right beside him and was still able to navigate it through the big sticks. Yeao must have found his way in to festival bubble’s secret stash as he ran around like a maniac all day and provided plenty of options inside the forward 50.

A wins a win and we will take the four points however it’s time to turn the dial up a notch and really get this Magoos Juggernaut going. Ash and I really believe we have the players to win this comp, we just need to start working as a unit and a team. Get down to the track and lets really get this going!

Best: Whitey, Walshy, Sharpley, Thommo, DoD

Goals: Thommo 4, Animal 4, Casa 2, Yeao 2, Walshy 1, Mitch Skelly 1, Conor Fitzgerald 1

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