Rd 10: Demons vs South East London Giants (Women)

Mitch 'Boxy' Skelly | 22.07.16

Wandsworth Demons 7.4 (46) def. South East London Giants 2.0 (12)

Bring on the Finals!

The final match of the home and away season on Saturday was played in great style by the Demons. With the only possible outcome being a rematch against the Giants next week there was always a risk of complacency, however we saw none of that on the weekend.

Crabs won the toss and kicked to what most pundits would consider the non-scoring end. Personally I feel she was trying to avoid looking into the sun whilst rucking, or possibly playing mind games with the Giants? Whilst the Dee’s put the Giants under pressure early, for a good 50% of the quarter the footy was locked deep in the Giants attack on the members wing side. With the likes of Nips, French Steph and Princess doing everything they possibly could to defend, it was late in the quarter when the Giants finally did score a goal. Whilst not ideal to go behind on the scoreboard, it was clear the endeavour was there with everyone going in hard and laying tackles – Aussie Steph copping a big double hit but bouncing back up was the type of stuff we saw all day long.

The second quarter saw the Dee’s really start to light up the Common. With Crabs getting on top in the ruck, Katie, B, Hammer and Kaz were getting first use of the footy and giving our all-star forward line plenty of opportunity. Townsy looked super dangerous and got on the scoreboard, I’m sure her mum was very proud, as well as Screech who was on the end of a lovely team goal. Playing across half back Becks was dominant, nothing gets past her and she always uses the footy well – especially when switching to the wing that Linda is playing on. Linda was proving a great outlet using her strength and pace with with the footy and pump it long to Noodles and Socksy, Goldy and Ringo also played well on the wings. Crabs kicked a really nice goal from the boundary, showing her class and how much we’ll miss her next year.

At half time we had a little buffer, however we looked the better side and the key thing was to push on into the second half. With Onora and Tess now into the game we were only getting stronger. Celebrating her birthday Riddle snagged a goal, along with more sausages from Townsy who couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Across half back French Steph played her best game and Snakey was great on debut, suffocating her opponents. Another player having their best game for the Dee’s was Reidy, after strolling in late she got a call up just before kick-off and re-paid the faith.

We were up by 5 goals at the final change, however following our last outing with the Giants we knew that lead could be wiped out in a matter of minutes. The fourth quarter started slow, however finally the Dee’s got going again with some more goals kicked by Townsy who finished with 4. The sour point came when Katie hurt her knee, let’s hope she can be repaired in time for the first final, however other than that moment it was a top day. Best team effort for the year and a true four quarter effort.

It will get harder and harder to pick a team with some players coming back, so get down for trainings and work your socks off before Sunday’s rematch with the Giants. We have the talent to go all the way, if we can put the effort in at training and match day then the results will come.

Goals: Townsy 4, Crabs 1, Riddle 1, Screech 1

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