RD1 '17: Demons vs Wildcats (Prem)

Frank “Fanfray” Caldow | 11.05.17

Wandsworth Demons 17.11 (113) def West London Wildcats 12.2 (74)

Round 1 has finally rolled around and after a strong preseason that saw upwards of 100 blokes on the track at various stages, all was set for the Round 1 derby against the Wildcats. It is always a fierce encounter against a very good football team, and last years grand final replay was amplified by the 100 year commemorative match. 13 of our lads played in that grand final defeat last year and from the first bounce it was clear that we had come to play, winning the bulk of the 50/50 midfield contents and giving our forwards every opportunity to apply scoreboard pressure. At quarter time we were well on top and held a two goal advantage.

Wildcats responded in the first part of the second quarter but through relentless pressure our midfield again got back on top. Dom Chau had a massive job tagging their co-coach and after several big tackles by Dom, his frustration got the better of him and was yellow carded for 25 minutes. Our run and carry through the midfield and use of handball to clear congestion and create was a standout. Demons went into half time with a healthy half time advantage.

In the second half it was much the same with our boys controlling the momentum of the game. The pressure at the contest was relentless, with one passage of play saw our boys lay six tackles across half forward before eventually winning possession and kicking a match defining goal. This was followed up with Jet running back with the flight of the ball to take a courageous mark, which side-lined the other Wildcat coach with a corked thigh. A great example of a player who goes in harder, comes off better. These 2 examples are exactly the type of football we as a club want to be known for. Demons went into three quarter time with a five goal lead.

As good clubs do, Wildcats came out in the last term and kicked 3 early goals to get back within 9 points, but from that moment we again responded in an emphatic way, completely overrunning the opposition and pilling on the last five goals to win by 40 points.

Best Players: Disco, Dom, Noblett, Hugo, Drake, NicNat

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