RD1 '17: Demons vs Emus (Social)

Stu "Kettles" Fox | 11.05.17

South London Demons 4.5 (29) def by Ealing Emus 5.9 (39)

Welcome back readers, welcome back supporters, and of course welcome back the Super 3's for a stunning new year of AFL London's Social Competition. We punctuated 2016 as back-to-back Premiers, and now we set forth into 2017 with a desire for a three-peat, to enshrine the Demon's first ever Super-Duper 3's!

Before entering into dispatchers, we wish to mention one of the Super 3's most cherished blokes, he was injured during the 2's game on Saturday - Matt 'Casha' Casalbuono, our thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. We also wish to apologise to Casha for having to drop you to the 2's, we tried to get you in but sadly we needed to test some players with less currency, this meant you got the chop.

The Super 3's had a very strong lineup for the first game of 2017 and were led out by last years B+F winner Mark 'Bresci' Brescacin and new Captain Terry 'Turtle' Unitt. The 1st Quarter was a strong showing from the Demons, great attack on the ball along with reasonable conversion allowed Bresci two goals to open our account. The lads were up-and-about and the energy was reflected positively all around the field. Newcomers like Cardy, New Haydog, Libba and Junior all showed glimpses of what may come in the season ahead. The likes of Brett 'Bert' Hoare picking up where he left off in 2016 showing solid dominance at the cut-and-thrust. Similar excitement was shown for the return of older heads in Rob and Johnny 'JD' Dillion, along with fattest of them all Ray 'Bubba' Wright. It was an electrifying first quarter with the Demons finishing 2 goals clear.

The Second Quarter continued where the first concluded, we had strong dominance from the Ruck, with excellent tap work from Lachie 'Lack-an'Key' Robinson. The back line for the First Quarter and a half showed vintage resistance and proved difficult to break. Sadly this capacity to thwart the Emus offense, limited towards the backend of the quarter. The mids weren't able to attract through the back flank and we were exposed with limited capacity to control the ball and break lines when necessary. The Emus were able to dominate possession for the last 10 minutes, buckling our momentum with a steely performance of 3 goals 3 points to the Demons 1 goal.

At Half Time we established we had lost both the Dillion brothers to injury and the rest of the squad received a baking from their injured Assistant Coach - a man who's name is known to few, but his death-by-a-thousand comments is infamous from here in, Courtney 'Babu' Wright attempted to shore up the side's woes. Though his intentions were clear, this sentiment didn't resonate with the lads and we continued our undisciplined approach to the game, it wasn't our finest 40 minutes on the track and we were ultimately put to the sword buy the Emus. Ealing managed to slot another goal just shy of Three Quarter time and we could only manage a point, resulting in a clear 8 point advantage to a low scoring game. One mention goes to Turtle, who attempted to resurrect his side's ailing fortune by taking a simple free kick from 30 meters out on a 45-degree angle. It would be noted down for further analysis whether the ball actually made contact with his foot prior to heading over the boundary on the full.

The last quarter was where our lack of legs and limited arsenal was shown in full. Although the desire was there we just weren't able to connect through the field by foot, ultimately offering up further opportunities for the Emus to counter attack and place the Demons defence under a continued barrage. We limped to the finish line conceding two further goals and a few more points. As for the review, the wound-licking began immediately and it would be suggested more considered time doing the simple things at training will assist prior to taking on North London in Round 2.

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