RD2 '17: Demons vs Lions (Social)

'Chicken' Tim Donovan | 18.05.17

South London Demons 6.3 (39) Def North London Lions 4.4 (28)

It was a long week in the shade for super 3's after the disappointing loss in Week 01. But like all good sides, the intent and aspiration were shown on the training pitch during the week to suggest that better outcomes could be forthcoming. This week we headed up the road to North London at an morning time that was seemingly unconventional for lads who deal late into the Friday evening.

Beginning the morning at 8.30am at The Alex, we were welcomed with a good turn out to help transport the days gear up North. Big shout out to Beamsey for offering up his car to help share the load. After loading the car, and the obligatory morning coffee, we mustered on up to Albert Ground. With a ripping bunch of recruits new in 2017 we were sure that with a commitment by all, we would see ourselves walking away with a victory.

The First Quarter began with some unfamiliar mistakes and a lack of pressure; not such a good start when there is a gale blowing harder in the opposition's favour than Ray 'Bubba' Wright after 5 minutes playing on the ball. Though the Demons came good halfway through the First, this didn't limit the Lions from kicking the two of opening goals. But with some tidy Coaching from Courtney 'Lady Courtney' Wright, he dropped his brother Bubba back to fill the void and managed to repel any further ascendancy.

We had the wind in our favor for the second and that was something to cheer for, the Backline started to show some signs of balance towards the end of the first and continued with dominance in the second. A strong showing from the likes of Jeremy 'Jez' Mason, Nick 'Fliss's Brother' Moffat, Mick 'EverGreen' Townsend, Conor 'ConorConorConor' Wilson, Al Skelly and Damon 'Damo' Urwin proved a force to be reckoned with. These six ran out the rest of the game without having to be moved or adjusted. The forwards proved to be handy for the first time in the game, John 'JD' Dills with his dukes and Travis 'Trav' Gordon using his rig to great effect. The team produced four impactful goals with the wind to take the lead, thanks to Trav, Bubba, Bevan 'Bevo' Connelly and Greg 'Mr. Edwards' Edwards.

After a steely Half Time pep talk from Lady Courtney, the boys were up and about to once again face the Lions with the wind in the Third. The Lions did start well and within 5 minutes had two goals on the board, but typically luxurious tap-work from Lachie 'Lock-n-Key' Robinson offered players like Micky Andrews, Jacob 'Torpey' Torpey and Bubba opportunities to field first possession from key center bounces. From this point on the Demons were in for the kill. Playing on a ground where one end is akin to hiking up to Everest Base camp - along with playing against the wind, it was triumphant that the ball spent the second half of the Third in our forward 50. A sterling effort from all midfield and forwards to produce the structure and composure to run out the quarter without any further damage to the scoreboard.

The last term was electrifying, we had some new players on the field which offered some great relief to the tired legs and proved the winning advantage. We rested players such as Brad 'Spence' Spencer and Michael 'Crispy' Crisp after having excellent performances and brought on exciting new guys like Adam 'Susan' Stelec and Josh 'Booky' Boock, both of whom gave something - especially Susan kicking a ripping goal from downtown. Mr Edwards got himself into the mix with sticking one through the big posts and Danny Radis showing real effort and pressure limiting the ball leaving our 50. The Demons ran out 11 point victors and began a superb day for the Club up north.

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