RD3 '17: Demons vs Giants (W.Prem)

Socksy "J" Campbell | 25.05.17

Wandsworth Demons 3.0 (18) def by South East London Giants 4.6 (30)

After a few wet days last week, It was looking like a dream day for footy, the sun was shining, the birds were chirpin! A couple of texts were sent to the injured stragglers wanting to stay warm and dry, to get down because Peckham Rye looked a treat, promising them all the sun in the world... WRONG

With a few key omissions from the prems side due to injuries and London All Stars commitments, as well as a Conference BYE, it was a beaut chance for some of our girls pushing for prems selection to step up and show us their wares against a strong Giants outfit.

Rule 1: Drop any ring in captain that doesn't pick the Heads! After losing the toss (and the other one to AFLW last week) and copping the brunt of a strong end to end wind storm, we were in for a battle from the get go. Whilst dominating the hitouts with Crofty and her gang of mids, the wind proved difficult to get it down our end keeping us goalless for the quarter. But something else rose from that wind...THE DAMO tackling, pressure machine in the back line. Hands down a career best who was ablely supported by the cool calm marking magnet Nic "#nicisthebest" D, both standing strong and curtailing a huge amount of the giants forward supply in the back. The Giants can take comfort in becoming the first team to goal against the dees this season with them using the starting wind advantage and some frees to get 3 on the board in the first quarter.

Not too flustered by the Giants big start, the second quarter saw the Dees take the reigns of the wind advantage. The elusive Tess on one leg was everywhere and was first to get the Dees on the scoreboard when she goaled truly. The "Tank" soon followed it up again with a dream pass down a leading Socksy's throat, who went on and followed suit. With a lot more of the ball and forward line entry, we'd finally pegged back the Giants lead before half time when Darren Lockyear (formally known as Crofty) goaled in front after someone climbed a ladder to dish out a silly throat punch.

With lots of confidence from our half time finish going into the third. The third quarter saw more wind. With our backs copping more ball and touches than they'd seen in the first 2 rounds, as we desperately tried to get it down our end, knowing that a goal would keep us in steed. Bloody wind!

Rolling into the fourth quarter and only just trailing the Giants, with lots of belief and excitement that we could still pip them in sideways rain, mud, heavy rain and crowd favouite wind, we managed to keep the ball in our hands or down our end for most of the game, but were unable to convert, with the Giants getting a goal against the wind and sealing the win and taking the points.

GOALS: "It's Tank", Crofty, yours truly

BEST: Tessa, Damo, Nic D, Macca, Crofty, Elko, Snakesy.

Special mentions...

*Capt'n Becks for stepping in at half time when Bradford called.

*To the girls that stepped up for their first prems game, keep knocking on the selection door, no position is safe, it's yours for the taking.

Good luck to the Conference girls this weekend who are back on the pitch after 2 rounds off. Remember Dad's away in Italy this week so put on a show, fire up, get the 4 points and make him bloody FOMO!

Next Prems game sees the Dees redemption clash against the Giants again under the Friday night lights. Learn and build from this loss and get the chocolates next time 'round to make the next day at Epsom that little bit sweeter.

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