RD3 '17: Demons vs Magpies (Social)

“Chicken” Tim Donovan | 25.05.17

South London Demons 21.10 (136) def Putney Magpies 1.1 (7)

We were fooled by the weather reports, which forecast a sunny day, with our Vice Captain Courtney ‘Lady Courtney’ Wright bringing his better half Emma under the promise she could get some sun and see some guys run around the footy track. She only got one of her requests.

It’s as if Putney had done a rain dance for as soon as we set foot on the ground to begin pre match preparation, the heavens opened.

That did not deter us though, and with the added confidence of a few new faces in the side we took to the field. It was like a perfectly planned demolition. Every single cog in the demons side was working to Swiss watchmaker perfection. Standouts include Jarell with a bag of goals, Sexy Kev displaying his silky smooth skills throughout the midfield, and Travis Gordon presenting himself as a formidable forward target, we took control from the initial bounce and never let up the entire day. It was clinical.

After dragging Mark Brescacin for a 5min rest on the bench for his insubordination in the 3rd quarter, he came back on all pistons firing and after a few tasty goals under his belt he had the midfield running with precision and was delivering beautifully into the forward line.

In the final quarter special mention goes to Josh Boock who came off the bench and had the ball on a string with some great play and making a firm statement for his spot in the side.

A great win all up, but it doesn’t give us reason to be over confident. This week we face Reading whom we battled in last year’s grand final, and they are no easy win playing at home. We have a reduced pool to choose from with a list of absences as long as Stuart Dow’s list of rejections from women he approaches. So, if you are in London this weekend and available, put your hand up and help the super 3s get over the line. If you have any friends who fancy a kick please bring them down too. This week I pass the mantle over to Mick Andrews who will captain-coach the side to victory!

As a side note, I want to stress that the 3s is truly a team effort and we all chip in where we can to help each other out and allow us to all still be involved in this great game whilst we juggle work, family and travel commitments. June will see me with a few wedding obligations abroad from friends who selfishly plan their weddings during footy season, along with a work trip so I will be in and out a bit, but rest assured, the super 3s will be well looked after with the senior group looking after things in my absence.

A big shout out to Conor Conor and Dills who went above and beyond to help us secure our kit for the week too. If you see them around the club this week, buy them a pint and say thanks! Good luck to all this coming weekend!

Stuart Dows fashion tips for the week: “Double denim is not appropriate Courtney... And my Yankees baseball cap is better than yours.”

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