RD4 '17: Demons vs Reading Roos (Social)

Mick Andrews | 02.06.17

South London Demons 15.8 (98) def Reading Roos 2.3 (15)

The super 3’s consisted of 9 players at 8pm Thursday night. Needless to say the whole league was predictably feeling the pinch after the ‘ambitious’ decision to host a round on a long weekend. When HQ asked could we assemble a team for Saturday Donners, sat on a beach full of gym junkie males in Spain (we all know Unitt’s bucks was just an excuse), replied ‘Yes we can.’ Danny Radis, fresh from tearing up the track on the common, replied ‘Yes we can’ when the same question was put to him. When Michelle Obama asked her husband ‘Can the Super 3’s put a team together honey?’ Barack replied ‘Yes they can’. And so cometh the hour cometh the man, Danny Radis proceeded to ask every man inside the M25 with two arms, two legs and a heartbeat if they were able to pull on the Demon jersey and board the train to Reading. Come Friday lunch it was still touch and go but by the time the team arrived in Reading and met up with our last 3 players we had 17.

Reading were playing cat an mouse with their team and we weren’t surprised to find them well down on the 22 they had said they had Friday night. We played 14 aside which allowed us some rotations and a place for Junior to nurse the small scratch he got in the first quarter. After our warm up (a large part being a meet and greet session) the game plan was simple, do the basics well. Voice, pressure and nothing fancy when we have possession. What transpired next will go down in 3’s folklore, from barely having a team less than 24 hours previous, every player stepped up put in a shift and made a meaningful contribution. It was bloody fantastic and exceeded the expectation of the coach and captain for the day.

We had the wind first quarter and dominated possession. Crispy, who greeted his girlfriend (who lives in Austria) for the first time in 2 months that morning with ‘Hey babe, I’m off to Reading with the boys for most of the day’ was busy early in the ruck and was picking up possessions around the ground at will. Bubba was the main beneficiary of Crispy’s good work in the ruck and was busier than a one armed bricklayer in Baghdad for the quarter and most of the afternoon. Danny and Tayls were getting a lot good ball down forward but were inaccurate in front of goal. The defence, led by ‘Susan’ were very solid, not allowing Reading near the goals. 2.5 at Quarter time.

Against the wind for the 2nd and the boys followed all new instructions like a bunch of 15 year AFL veterans. Booky was thrown down back as a loose man and seemed to cast a spell on the Reading midfielders which made them kick it in his direction every time they made a forward entry - weird. The young buck rugby trio of Luke, Dan and Tyler were putting their opponents under huge pressure and making runs that would have David Campese foaming. Jezza down back was superb and Tayls finally kicked accurately when he slotted a gem from the boundary line late in the quarter. Dees stretched their lead to 4 goals at HT.

The third was an opportunity to put the game out of reach for the Roos and the boys took it. 3 early goals to start the half effectively ended the game as a contest. Danny and Tayls started to kick straight and were racking up Locket and Dunstall like numbers in front off goal. George from team GB was really starting to run his opposite numbers into the ground in the guts and couple that with Susan’s Alex Rance impersonation down back the ‘Dees’ ran out unlikely winners given the problems a day earlier. After the game we had a beer with the Roos and boarded the train satisfied we’d kept the reputation of the super 3’s in tact with a 14 goal win. Hugs and kisses should be sent in Bevo’s direction who was team manger/water boy/assistant coach and huge love to all you lads who showed up and made the day a success.

A big shout out to Danny Radis who was the main man in assembling this bunch of nomads and vagabonds from the ashes of what look liked the clubs first ever forfeit on Thursday night, well played sir.

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