RD5 '17: Demons vs Swans (Prem)

Ash Walsh | 08.06.17

Wandsworth Demons 9.16 (70) def London Swans 4.6 (30)

T'was the Day after Epsom. Expecting carnage, it was far from it with lots of fresh faces looking ready to go.

Although we looked fresh, we certainly didn't start fresh and the Swans got the better of us in the first half – being first to the ball and throwing their weight around in what was a fiery half of football. Harry L worked tirelessly across the backline driving the ball out, ably supported by Nobby and Lloydy who got the better of their opponents and ruled with an iron fist. Disco battled hard through the middle and was able to (mostly) hit the scoreboard as well. The main break saw just a kick in it with the Dees holding a slender lead.

The message was simple at half time, our pressure must improve and being first to the football is non-negotiable. To everyone's credit, we answered and were able to start dictating the game and moving the ball cleanly out of defence and into our forwards who started to look dangerous. Dimasi set the mid field alight and Benny D seemed to have no opponent out on the wing lacing targets all over the shop. The swing king Drakey did what Drakey does best providing a spark up forward, with Rousey and Rabbits getting in on the party as well – the latter nearly holding onto the mark of the season to date, but just like his hair cuts, let it slip. The 'Alexandra Play of the Day' however, went out to the second best looking red head in the side, Michael 'Pitto' Pitman, who decided it was party time late in the last quarter slotting a beautiful check-side goal from deep in the pocket. Talk about a celebration, the signature one hand finger point followed by two hands out looking up at the sky - finishing on a few cheeky high fives with the punters at the cafe sitting in the middle of the Common. Fair to say he enjoyed it. Rousey wasn't to be outdone, and quickly followed with a similar goal but only half of the celebration.

Overall, it was a fantastic team win after having our backs well and truly to the wall going into half time. The second half was a complete turnaround and we got back to playing a really strong brand of football. The perfect hit out before a massive couple of weeks where we will be looking to try and cement a double chance.

Best: Harry L, Disco, Dimasi, Nic Nat, Nobby.
Goal Kickers: Rousey 3, Disco 2, Pitto 2, Alan 1, Rabbits 1.

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