Rd 2: Demons vs Reading Roos (Social)

Tim "Donners" Donovan | 13.05.16

Demons 8.10 (58) def. Reading Roos 4.7 (31)

Reading were never going to be easy. Without a side in the Conference or Premiership, they have the luxury of being able to stack their side with the best Reading has to offer. And for the first half it could have been anyone’s game. We simply couldn’t seem to find our groove and were caught too many times getting stuck against a deceptively strong breeze and simply not reading the ball as well as we could have. Coombsey kept us in the game with an early goal in a stint up in the forward line, but it was one of the very few standout highlights of the first half.

Come the second term, we were a completely different side. Moving Coombsey to half back to combine with Unitt and Stu, with Danny Radis floating along the half backline, a strong wall was created and an equally formidable defence, driving us forward into attack.

On the ball we had Kane dropping down from the 2s, adding some extra push when combined with Brescy, Toots and Jimmy, who capitalised on all the centre bounces won by Paddo and Jacob.

Up forward the lethal (not you Leigh!) combination of Lummers and Animal kicked 3 a piece, and John Dillon also slotted one through.

2 wins 0 losses. 6 games to go. We still have a lot of work to do to really come together and work properly as a team, however let’s keep the enthusiasm high. At training we will work on a couple of set plays out of the backline and also on our stoppages and if we take that forward to the rest of the season we will be unstoppable!

One more thing too – The 3s this year have the enviable position of having a really big group of great guys to choose from. Here at the Demons we are all about the club, not the individual. And we want you ALL to be a part of this brilliant club, no matter if you are pulling on the boots or not. To make sure everyone gets a game there are going to be times when your name may not get called, but don’t let that get you down – game day wouldn’t work (and we wouldn’t win) without all the help and support from the side-lines. And the guys on the field always lift a notch when they can feel their teammates on the sidles cheering for them. So get involved! Pay your fees, come to training, help out whenever you can – it won’t go unnoticed. #getaroundus


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